The quarter is coming to a close and spring is fast approaching.  What business spring cleaning tasks are on your to-do list?

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Great question Tawanna! I like spring cleaning because its all about out with the old and in with the new! That can mean alot of things. Here are a few spring cleaning activities:

  • Trading in Old mindsets for new way of thinking
  • Doing closeout sales for old products or new product launches
  • Revising old marketing plans or implementing new social media strategies


I personally like to sit down and ask myself questions like:

I'm curious to hear how others are spring cleaning! I'll share this discussion with the group.

Out with the old and in with the new is what the changing of the seasons is all about!  I spent this last week personally trying to clear up my own administrative issues that so that I can start this new season without old baggage.  My goal is to attract more clients and become more profitable.  So that is what this spring is going to be about.  I have a new business idea that I want to spend more time researching.  I would love to have that product available by November.


Thank you so much for sharing with the group.

People are also talking about your post on our facebook page:

wow...  I just went to check it out!

I am doing a lot of spring cleaning, for starters, I'm building a new strategy of finding new clients and staying connected with my old customers, I sent out 20-30 hand written invitations to all of my old clients inviting them to my one year business anniversary celebration.  I want to do it big for my customers, fans, and supporters.


I also have been re-evaluate my business plan that I completed in January!  I'm finding that I got to get better at selling my diaper cakes and ebooks


Great Question!!

Sounds like we share a few spring cleaning tasks...  I have to got to also find way to attract new clients.  That is my major goal going into the 2nd quarter.  I also have an online bookstore that I need to spend time promoting.  Looks like we will have a busy spring (and hopefully profitable too)!
I am spring cleaning my hard drives and email accounts... I need the whole 2nd quarter to do so it feels like!
spring cleaning email accounts.... now I really NEED to do that.  great idea.  I need to put this on my to-do list.

I have decided to turn this discussion into a Facebook Networking Session / Giveaway - details here:


Continue to post here as well! Happy Spring Cleaning. -lh

This is a great question! I usually start my spring cleaning by clearing out my connections on social media sites, updating my marketing plans for the new season to attract and keep new clients and inform present clients, and get organized (administrative tasks). 

There's always time refresher training with my network marketing company to stay up to date on new products and the future of the company.


I love spring cleaning!  

Thank you!  Clearing our connections on social media is a great suggestion.  It something I always talk about but something I haven't actually done.  I did a social media fast in January and that really helped me focus on using it for what I needed to and not only to socialize. 
I will be looking at the services and products I offer and assess what's working and what's not.  I will look at pricing and marketing ideas and make necessary changes.


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