How many of you have your business trademarked, have a business license and have went through the storms of making your business a success. I'm looking to get my license and business name trademarked. Any information on this would be helpful. Especially from those who own and operate a real business have paid for trademarks and went through the legal process. Thanks ladies!

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Hi, Dominique

It's been a while. Go to they do Trademarks, Copyrights, LLC's, Incorporate, this Company do alot of these things for you-if you don't have time to do them yourself-for a cost of course. If, this is not for you then you can always Google how to get your named Trademarked and so forth. Hope this helps..I will be doing the Trademarked thing soon as well-however I will be utilizing legalzoom.

Check out there site and good luck with everything,



Hi Dominique,


Here's the link to US copyright office, the site looks intimidating but its not.  Hope this helps.  In terms of your business license that is a state matter, go online to the state that you live in to get business license information.




Hello Dominique

You should try to go to your Secretary of State website and apply there because no matter what you do, you have to legalize your business in the state you live especially for tax purposes.



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