Internet Marketing Power - Internet Marketing Tips for BeginnersI hate secrets, don’t you? I spent so many years online looking at gurus and big shot bloggers trying to figure out how they actually made money online and no one would tell me! Everyone tells you how easy it is to sign up for affiliate links, but nobody tells you how hard it is to get folks to click your ads. Everyone tells you that you have to have a website or a blog if you want to build your business, but no one tells you WHAT TO DO when people aren’t coming to your website or even worse, when their coming to your website but Nobody is buying.

Right now I feel like the Magician who is about to be forced into exile because I’m about to tell you how this trick called Internet Entrepreneurship actually works! I don’t want you to get lost like me, so I want to be the first to let you in on the most powerful internet marketing tool around. *Drum Roll Please* The most powerful internet marketing tool that you have at your disposal is your list! Right now I am guessing you are thinking either one of two things: (1) “Aww, come on LaShanda, you said that last week!” OR (2) “Your list? What list? I need a list?”

Whether you have heard me talk about list building before or not, keep on reading, because today I have something new to say. Here’s the thing that most online entrepreneurs don’t understand. In spite of the fact that most people, you, me, and everyone else in cyber space don’t jump to buy the first thing they see online, MOST entrepreneurs think that by constantly sending out direct sales emails or getting more traffic to their website they will eventually get People to buy.

In reality that’s not how the web world works, especially with new scams, spam, so-called experts and everything in between popping up EVERY SNGLE DAY. AND especially in a slow economy, people aren’t just going to buy what you are trying to sell them. And what about the people who bought from you before? Have you taken the time to see if they will buy again? Before I go on a rant, let me tell you why List Building is the most powerful internet marketing tool. Building a list is the only way you can effectively communicate and track people who want to buy what you have to sell.

Believe me when I say that I know how frustrating it is to TRY everything online and still not make a sale. When sales were slow or non-existent, I started to feel powerless too, until I tapped into the power of List Building and took back my power. Click by click I discovered the Internet Marketing Power Secrets that nobody wants to share but now I’m ready to tell it all.

I want to share my list building SECRETS and REVELATIONS with you.
I want to tell you what most entrepreneurs don’t know or EVEN understand about listing building, because this isn’t the kind of FREE Information the other experts are going to give.
I want to show you how I created my list and built it click by click.

Internet Marketing Power - Internet Marketing Tips for BeginnersAre you ready to know what I know? Download my latest eBook:
Internet Marketing Power
This ebook is my smallest one to date. Its less than 20 pages, but every page is well worth reading. I know what it’s like wasting time online, so I didn’t want to waste your time with pages and pages of fluff. I get straight to the meat in this eBook, plus I give you a few extra bonuses. This eBook includes links to watch 5 of my best Internet Marketing How-to Videos, which are currently only available to my paid subscribers. Plus, I want to make sure I know everything that I know so I’ve included my Plan to Profit eBook, which is my 40 page blueprint to Online Business success. Plus I give you the back-door link to get FREE Lifetime membership to my Smart Business Newsletter, which is currently only available to paid subscribers. So you get two eBooks, 5 videos and lifetime access to my Newsletter for one low price.

Click here to Download: Internet Marketing Power

Extra Bonus: This eBook is $24.95, here is a $5 Discount Code: IM5TRICKS

Internet Marketing Power - Internet Marketing Tips for Beginners

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WOW - I know that I am biased, but I am so glad you finally got this one out of your notebook and into publication. This is your best one yet!

Full of powerful information that will change internet businesses for life. I watch as most people are struggling but here is the way to make it happen.

Funny how this strategy works offline too :)

Glad and thankful to be your partner

Okay, that's great info.. I'm really starting to feel more confident and comfortable using the web as a tool to build some momentum in my business.. I'm going to continue to follow the blogs they are really helpful to me in many ways.

Thanks for Paying it Forward
Sha' Brennan


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