I am starting an online womens magazine, I have bought hosting and my domain name from but Im having all sorts of trouble getting the website together! Do I have to use the godaddy system to host my website since I bought the domain name through them or can I change it up so taht I can get some help from someone better suited to handle my website?

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You should be able to point your domain name to the hosting company you'd like to use.  You don't have to use Go Daddy's hosting package.
Hi Autumn, if you need a web designer let me know - - You can use Godaddy for hosting if you want or you can use another host and direct your godaddy domain name to that other hosting plan. It's up to you, but if you call GoDaddy and tell them what you are trying to setup they can help you get a plan that fits our needs. -lh
thank you so much ladies! Yall have been a GREAT help! Lashanda I have been searching high and low for a web designer! Checking the site now! Thank you!


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