Looking for great ways to advertise or ways to get my business out there??

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Hi Shalonda,


With online advertising, I have bought ad slots that were in my budget as well as entered my business name into various directories (free & paid) to increase traffic to my website. I've also spent time commenting on posts (like I'm doing now) with a link to my website in my signature.


Offline, I have business cards that I pass out ONLY when in conversation with others.


The rest of advertising I use come directly from my past clients because having good references goes a long way in any business. When people love your products as well as enjoy their interaction with you, THEY WILL TELL SOMEONE ELSE. So remember to always work on improving your customer service skills and you'll do fine!




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Thanks for all the suggestions ..I will put them to good use
That is so true Daveia
I use face book, sometimes I tweet, but I also use the magazines to place ads which I thin is a great way to promote my business.

Hey Shalonda, I use all the social networking sites, blogs, host giveaways on youtube. networking etc.  I learned to always place your signature in your correspondence online.  I hope this helps!

Deana D Payton

Deana's Jewelry and Things



This site is also amazing.

I use all of the social media tools (Facebook, Linkedin,Twitter, YouTube).  I also added video to my marketing toolbox.  I use video email and my own branded video station.

Check it out

Unlike using YouTube This is personally branded so that I don't have to see anyone else video but our companies video info.

now this is great, I use youtube as well!

That is awesome!

thanks for all the great ideas

This is all good information I also use

Thank you


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