Hello To My Double DD's Sisters I want to first say I really wish this was a problem of mine remember I'm a bottom heavy chick (Body Type 1). This just goes to show you can't have everything. If your blessed with a full bustline there are some trick of the trade you can try. But first thing is first a little education.


The apple-shaped body is usually softer around the middle and has heavier breasts, with narrower hips and slimmer legs. Make the most of your womanly figure by showing off your legs and great cleavage.

When buying TOPS

Avoid too tight (plays up large breasts too much) and too baggy (just makes you look heavier). Opt for fabrics that skim the body, preferably knits and wovens with stretch for a better fit.

V-neck, boatneck, turtle and mock necks and shirt collars are your most flattering necklines.

Play up nice cleavage with a peek, not a Dolly Parton-sized slice. Especially appealing: a pretty lace-trimmed cami showing under a jacket or top.

Avoid full sleeves or puffy sleeves. This just makes your large bustline look larger! It brings to eye up and locks it there NO puffy sleeves!!

When buying BOTTOMS

Balance out a top-heavy figure with an A-line skirt that will give you the look of a waist and more of an hourglass look.

Choose flat-front, never pleated, pants that have a lower rise than the natural waist.

Five-pocket jeans are your friend! Front pockets on jeans help disguise a tummy problem, while back pockets can help define a flatter rear common to top-heavy women.

Avoid anything too tight -- from pencil skirts to skintight jeans -- because it will only accentuate top heaviness.

Play up nice legs with shorter (an inch above the knee) skirts.

And for Dresses

One-piece dressing is tricky for you. Best bets: A sleeveless black sheath, a soft princess seamed dress, a strapless dress with corseted top.

Resist the urge to cover up head-to-toe: showing a little skin, whether it's bare arms or shoulders, is much more flattering.

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Good Morning Queen:

Thanks for the great tips...I was born into that top heavy group. I guess when God was giving out breasts I got on that line one to many times..and definitely skipped the bottom line...LOL

Yes, I am guilty of wearing oversize shirts in an attempt to hide and not flaunt the cleavage...(Unwanted comments from people can do that)

I've always found it difficult to purchase dresses due to the inbalance of the body. Need a larger size on the top than the bottom, so suits are usually the best choice since now manufacturers are realizing that they need to sell the two parts separate due to people's body sizes.

You can be a DD and still have hips an a butt.


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