Your 2Cents: Things Every Woman Entrepreneur Should Know in 2011

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Right now I am sharing 5 Things Every Woman Entrepreneur should know before 2010 ends. Watch those videos and then...


I want to feature your small business quote on BBWO. In 2 sentences or less, share one thing that you feel Every Woman Entrepreneur Should Know in 2011. And don't forget to leave your name and website url like this....


In 2011, I believe every woman entrepreneur should think big and get real! To me that means visualizing your idea of success and creating practical solutions to turn your dream into a reality. - Lashanda Henry,


Now it's your turn! Join the community and share your words of wisdom today.

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Stop thinking "making money" and start thinking "building wealth". In all aspects of life, particularly in our business, think outside of your own confines and begin thinking processes, systems to create enterprises that will allow you to expand, hire employees and really have financial freedom - Katrina M Harrell,

In 2011, I think we should devote as much time to our business as if we were working on someone else's J-O-B.



SoulSeed Tees

For 2011, I believe that every woman should believe the best in herself and her talents. In business, if you lack the necessary belief in your own talnets, everyone else will and you will flounder and not flourish.


Cheranissa Roach

C.E.O. CDR Consulting LLC and Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant

The two things I think every woman entrepreneur should know in 2011 are:

1. Outsource tasks and collaborate with successful peers to better implement your business strategies and to reach larger segments if your target market.
2.Take advantage of appropriate online learning opportunities to ensure that you're up to speed on the most current and proven tools, resources
for your business/sector.

Sharon McMillan, 


Put my comments in a video. Thank you LaShanda!

In 2011, I believe every woman entrepreneur should Get Blessed and Be a blessing. In other words, when someone comes along and bless you with great knowledge and information; you should pass it on and not keep all the wisdom and knowledge for yourself. Helping others will always bring blessing your way! ...LaTersa Blakely,
In 2011, I believe that every woman entrepreneur should remind ourselves of how wonderful we truly are. To me this mean acknowledging our unique gifts with gratitude. - Nefateri Asantewa,
Its the doer thats blessed-Not the thinker-complainer-but the DOER!

In 2011, I believe every woman entrepreneur should wake up designing their day. After thanking your God, that means that you have the power to design the day you want. Let a higher spirit guide you while following your clearly defined dreams. - Kenya Johnson

In 2011 I believe that Woman Entrepreneurs should awaken their inner financial savvy (understanding the numbers of their businesses) and start to operate their businesses from an informed and empowered place.  This happens by making simple but effective changes to their financial mindsets and financial management processes. - Antonina D. Geer, MBA


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