Did you hear about the $5000 Challenge? (details here)

If you click the link above and read that post, you will learn how to join my affiliate program and start earning commissions when you recommend BBWO to other women entrepreneurs in your circle. This is a great opportunity for anyone who is already inviting their friends to join the network and/or looking for something they can do online to generate extra income.

Click the link above and scroll to the bottom to find out how to join the program and get your unique affiliate I.D. ... Then you can start to share your affiliate link with others. It's that simple! How does it works... isn't BBWO free for members?? ... As of July 2010, all new members are required to pay a small one time fee. As an affiliate, when someone signups through you, then you will get a 20% commission from that signup.

The program is currently in BETA and I'm looking to find some Super Affiliates who can really promote then network. I will invite those who generate high signups into the Super Affiliate Circle of affiliates who earn 40% commissions per signup.

Common Ways to Let Folks Know You Are a member and recommend BBWO:

  1. Create a Video
  2. Create a Blog Post
  3. Ask Associates in Your Church or Local Organization if they would like to network with women entrepreneurs online and learn more about marketing online. If they say yes, tell them you can send them the details via email, ask them for their email address and then send them your affiliate link to signup. Remember: if you just give them the name of the website, they might sign up before you send them the link and you won't make the commission. So remember to let them know you can send them the details and/or an invitation via email.
  4. Share a quick post on your facebook page about BBWO
  5. Start Discussions About Social Networking on other forums and recommend BBWO

Remember: for all these to work, you must include the signup link with your unique Affiliate ID

If you have questions, let me know. -lh

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