In my travels, people ask about different motor oils, and adding additives. Everyone has their preference on name-brand oils. I don’t get into the brand-name battle. As for additives, there isn’t a need to add an additive to your motor oil. As we all know, regular oil changes are one of the most important things that can be done to extend the life of an engine. Premium-quality motor oil will maintain its effectiveness over the life of the oil drain, allowing it to help keep the engine clean. In every bottle of oil there are certain additives that play a key role. Unfortunately, the petroleum industry isn’t required to put the motor ingredients on the bottle. But, the additives are in there. Anti-wear additives help lay down the protective film between moving parts, and stops oxidation of the motor oil. Dispersants grab the dirt and sludge before they build up during engine operation. Detergents help keep high-temperatures surfaces clean (pistons). Changing the oil at proper intervals will help to prevent ring sticking and piston deposits. The viscosity index improvers are additives that are added to ensure proper oil viscosity at extreme cold and hot operating conditions. Make sure your vehicle has its proper oil weight. If not, you’re making your vehicle work harder. Friction modifiers help to reduce friction in critical areas of the engine, thus enhancing the vehicle’s fuel economy. In order for the motor oil to complete its job, follow the recommended oil change intervals, and motor oil specifications found in the owner’s manual.

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