Greetings everyone,

When thinking how to convey the heart of Guerrilla Marketing after about two days I thought about the timeless theme song of the 80's sitcom CHEERS! It resonates exactly the direct point of this post.

Does everybody know your name?

When marketing with low or no budgets, YOU are your greatest asset! Probably the only employee is YOU! Why not make the most of it? Becoming famously known in your local community can literally cost you nothing. (Nothing financially that is.) Your cost or investment, is taking the time to connect with the community. Sounds easy and sounds simple and soooooo far from simple. Communicating and connecting in this manner is a skill. It requires commitment and much trial and error. Think about how you invest your time on a day to day basis. Where do you spend the majority of your time? Remember, what you focus on GROWS.

Answering this question with a YES gives you confidence when marketing in a recession. Is this a yes for you? Does everybody know your Name?

It is a fact, people are people and just want and need to be treated with respect. Sometimes when in Rome . . . . as the saying goes; Connecting positively is a sure thing when you go to Rome and do not make Rome uncomfortable in their own country.

The CHEERS theme song, hit the nail on the head! People just want to go where YOU know their name and YOU are glad they came and YOUR troubles just maybe the same.

Make connections more on a personal level and you will have success marketing on a low budget. Take time to show you really care and they will know and remember your name!

It is always a Blessing to Share, Dream a World!

Lisa Henry "A Real Guerrilla Marketer"

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