Love, Is, The Beautiful Black Woman, by Vernon J. Davis Jr. This book is a tribute to all Black Women. It is my praise and trophy to the strong independent women of color that I've met and have yet to meet. The good, the bad , the indifferent. I hope my poems reflects and mirrors all the variety of women I admire and gain strength from. For more information on this amazing book please visit

"Life Journey: A Lifetime of Poetry" by Martin Pounds, This Book is mixture of personal feelings, love, spirituality and past experiences. Anyone who has experienced at least one of these can relate. Everyone has a story to tell, but what you do with it is the key. Martin pounds will be doing a small book signing in Savannah Ga Nov. 27th. Please visit his site for updates:

E.M.O.T.I.O.N.S. Acronym for Everyone May Overcome Trials Inform Others Needing Salvation "A Woman of Wisdom Poetry Collection" By "Gloria Lathan" This is a Volume One of A Woman of Wisdom Poetry Collection which consists of Spiritual, Inspirational & Motivational Poetry. This book is a antidote to help heal hurting hearts. For more info on this amazing sister visit:

Another amazing woman is "Aneleda Ballar" author of "Our Ministry, His Words" a mother daughter compilation of spiritual poems AND "Celebrating Michael Jackson Looking Back at the King of Pop. This book gives his fans the opportunity to take a moment to look back at Michael's life and reminisce about the positive times only. Anelda Ballard also has a publishing company called "Jazzy Kitty Greetings Marketing & Publishing" You may visit her website for more info:

This leads me to my first book, Im working with her Jazzy Kitty Publishing Co. Titled "The Balcony View - Introduction of The Lovers, By yours truely Katrina Gurl it's a story leading you in the lives of 4 different couples in which will become a series. Genre is of course poetry and romance. More info @ THE BALCONY VIEW

Next we have, Donna Mea Greaves Authour of "At Last" At Last is a beautiful, island story set in Trinidad and Tobago. Visit her for more info here:

"Journey to a Place Called THERE" by "Kelly A. Morgan" is a navigation guide for creating and maintaining a balanced life. The goal is to help you get THERE--which is your ideal place in life--by focusing on the four primary areas of life: Relationships, Health, Spirituality, and Finances Kelly will be speaking and signing books at the 2nd Annual Women's Business Expo on Sunday, Oct 25, for more info visit:

"What About The Children"by "Charmaine Tucker". The children in this book will amaze you, inspire you, encourage you, and enlighten you. With so much against them, such as molestation, rape, drugs, alcohol, physical abuse, lack of love, lack of relationship, lack of communication, and lack of understanding from their parents, they still continue to move forward. God’s awesome power of prayer saves these children’s lives. For more info visit:

Sensual Delights (Fantasies of a Poet) by Richard "Reason" Garrett. Poetry/Short Stories Romance reflection of a missed opportunity at love and romance because of bad choices made at a crucial point in life. He also has a pliblishing company called liberated publishing Inc with authors there too. To find out more visit his site

"Marcus D Thomas" my California brotha, is author of three books, "Reflections in the Mirror", "The Student of a Woman: Yet a Man of Principles" AND "Tears of Frustrations which is the Unheard Voices of Many Men Crying in the Dark" a 25 chapter book that expresses some mens pains with what we go through in some relationships, the good, the bad and the ugly. If you are curious to know what's really going on in a mans mind, then this is the absolute book for you. To cope that must read please visit

"An Open Heart" Part One of the Trilogy PASSION BETWEEN THE SHEETS OF LIFE by Irene Brautigam. This is a true story between an interracial couple, set in the heart of the Beautiful Canadian Rockies and centered around her own live. This is another MUST read, visit her site @

Adrian Ox Mendez author of E.O.S End of Sentence, Convicts spent their time chain-gang hustling and pumping iron, Pain focused on getting his reparations for the time that he wasted in prison. This is a thrilling story of choices, concequenses and results of what comes from a life of crime. This is a must read, more info @

Poem From Within Me, A Recovering Addict by Marion L. Jones. It tells of my struggles from drugs A poetic journey of my life story and how I grew up with the pain of losing love ones and not feeling loved for so long into my adult years. How I hated God but He never stopped loving me and brought me out of the madness of insanity. Now I'm sharing it with the world to those who felt that same way. Visit

The new drama fiction book entitled "FOR LOVE OR MONEY by Sherrie D. Cotton, Patricia was from a middle-class suburban family; her parents struggled to put her through college, yet she became a M.D. She dated insufficient men, lowering her standards, but soon she got tired of dating broke men. She met a handsome gentleman named Michael, a successful established Lawyer, with money. And he lavished her with all kinds of gifts, and he gave her the world! Yolanda, Patricia’s best friend was a jealous, lowdown, woman that despised what Patricia had. To read more PLEASE visit @ I know I'll be getting my copy SOON!

Last but not least, we have K. L. Belvin, author of "A Man in Transition" It’s a semi autobiographical account of my transition from a misogynistic man to a spiritual God fearing husband, father and educator. In poetic form the book speaks on the changes and challenges of being a man who can now open up and be heard for his spiritual connections, mistakes, dreams, fears.I have an autographed copy of this book and it really is must read inspirational get your copy please visit:

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