Why do you think that Black Americans & the Africans are separate people? I would love to open the door on this subject as to help us bridge the gap. I've been to Africa twice and we are more alike than different. I would love your views.

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I have wondered this myself, but I think it also goes both ways. I have come in contact with some Africans that don't care for Black Americans. They expressed to me that to them Black Americans were lazy and didn't take advantage of the opportunities that we have here.

I think on both sides we have allowed a small group of people or only the one or two Africans or Black Americans that we've encountered become the representatives for a whole group of people. Basically creating our own stereotypes.
I've heard this too including American Blacks are not pure-blood! But then again there is the prejudice between light skin blacks & dark skinned blacks....unbelieveable
Helo LaVerne,

African-Americans and Africans belong to separate cultures. Africans view Black Americans as being AMERICANS who just happen to possess Black skin. In most respects they are correct. Not too many African-Americans speak Yoruba or Ndebele or Xhosa. Shared culture consists of alot more than simply having shared Black skin. And for the most part, i think that Africans are right. A Sudanese woman living in a hut, with intermittent electricity and no access to clean drinking water has absoulutey nothing in common with an African-American woman living in Chicago. African-Americans keep mistaking shared skin colour for shared culture.

I've lived in Africa and I've never found Africans to be especially keen on developing closer relationships with Black people in the United States. At times, they barely get along with each other. Understandably, they have other priorities (like keeping food on the table).

Denise van Esche
Hi Denise

Ironic when I was in Africa the people I was around was eager to learn the American culture and wanted to come to America for obvious reasons. However, the wealthy people I met, traveled freely back and forth. Your views are the same as some people however, I've met and collaborating with Organizations whom mission is very similar to ours. I'm blessed to have friends of both cultures that embrace the unity of both cultures.
We aim to inform, network, and unify with people that share like goals. You will be surprise at how many people really don't know the black history and what happened around the 1600's how we came here or our heritage. Many people in Africa don't know the history either. Both countries only see or hear what the media tell them. We were transported from approximately 25 countries out of Africa and scattered among 8 countries including the USA, Canada & largely Brazil. Anyone that holds prejudice within their heart against their own is usually because they are not well informed. We even have African-American who hate that they are black and it is because they do not know the very rich heritage we have. We have more in common than black skin and you truly can't compare economic development due to failed leadership in Africa. Africa is an extremely wealthy country and the government has alot to do with those issues. However, there are some very wealthy people there that don't have the poverty issues nevetheless, the media don't share the paradise that do exist in parts of Africa. I'm excited that it is organizations that do believe in helping Africans & African Americans unite as one. I've found a large amount of generous information online that share the connection between both cultures written by African-Americans & Africans.
Hi LaVerne,

I wasn't comparing economic development due to failed leadership in Africa. What I did state was that many Africans are focused on the basic necessities such as acquiring (or keeping) food and shelter and cannot give this issue their immediate attention. That is understandable.

Africa is a continent, not a country (as stated in your post). It is far from being paradise for most sub-saharan Africans, who struggle each day to survive. It is the poorest continent on earth. Those countries which have started to turn things around (South Africa, Namibia, Botswana and a few others) have had non-corrupt governments, manditory schooling of young people, and a relatively sophisticated populace

Denise van Esche
Yes, South Africa is beautiful & looks very European in comparing when I lived in Germany. It is some beautiful places in Africa that you & I know. However, there are people actually think it is all jungle. When you go to Lagos & Ibadan it looks over populated because so many people there. Both cities are large & have vast amount of business just as any big city.
Hello LaVerne,

Many of us were not and are not educated about our Black Self. If you are a Black man or woman you are an African. I am very proud of my African and African American culture. I would love to one day visit Africa. What are your plans for connecting Africans and African Americans? Proud to be an American, but Love my African Roots! Obama Country!!!!!!!!!!

Peace, Love & Prosperity
I would love for a group of us to build a network of people that is proud to be apart of organizations with like goals. We can offer our support and rally to build our own network possibly. Open to ideas
I went to the strengthnunity site. What is FVRD2WIN? Great book! You are on the go! I ain't mad at cha :-))! Keep up the good work.



LaVerne Adekunle said:
I would love for a group of us to build a network of people that is proud to be apart of organizations with like goals. We can offer our support and rally to build our own network possibly. Open to ideas

Hello Everyone I have read everyone and would love to add my two cent. First let me start off saying I am Gullah/Geechee a descended Seminole Indian. Many Black American do not know their true history because it has not been written in school books. We come in many shades of black. We have a very rich History our ancestor come for the Coast of Sierra Leone there was many tribes upon that ship. Within the last few years the government thought we were all dead. We are still living from the Coast of NC to Fl. We have join together with alot of African to find their family here. We still speak the language of our ancestor and still know how to above the water. We know have a Representative in the United Nation which gives us the rights to keep this culture alive. Too Africans we are rich and dont realize it. I could go on about who we be. In my language Tenki Tenki (thank you thank you)


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