This week’s inspiration for the week is HOPE!
How does hope play a role in the way that you view life? Do you have hope for the things that you desire in your life? Hope is a major component of Faith. What do you place your hope in?

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Shalom Beloved:

Like the ancient Rabbi's in the Nation of Israel who believed that because God created mankind on the 6th day; God gave man 6 internal powers to create his own circumstances and to fulfill the seven-fold divine assignment He gave to all of us in Genesis 1:26-28:
1. We have been given the assignment to use our God-given dominion to control our environment.
2. Gender does not prohibit the usage of these creative powers.
3. We are told to be fruitful-which means to prosper.
4. We are told to multiply-which means to prosper quickly; within the context of perfect timing.
5. We are told to replenish our consumed resources-which means there is always an infinite supply.
6. We are told to subdue any negative situation-which means to place it under our control.
7. We are told to execute dominion over any animal or person who is in violation of the Law of Love-this means that we overcome that evil with good.
How does God expect you to fill such a tall order? Mk.11:22 says, "Have or use the faith God gave you!" There is nothing your faith can give you, nothing your faith can't stop for you, and nothing your faith can't do FOR OTHERS; if their faith is in agreement with yours.
Rom.12:3 says, we all have this faith. Even though most of us don't know how to use it!!
Heb.11:1 calls this faith the "substance" of things hoped for, and the "evidence" of things not seen. That really does not tell us what faith is; it merely suggest what faith can do.
It produces "substance" and it creates "evidence."
The word "substance" refers to the composition of a thing; what a thing is made out of.
What is the substance of your faith? God. Your "faith" is composed of God. All that God is; your faith is and all that God can do; your faith can do!! Now thats Powerful, huh?
The "evidence" faith produces are the miracles that manifest in your life in direct response to your faith. 1Peter 1:8 calls it, "receiving the end (result) of your faith. Your "faith" is really unlimited in its power, potential, and progress.


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