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From A Writer’s POV is opening its online magazine to article writers. We are looking for long term submitters on particular topics. We are looking to add more advice and tips to our magazine for our readers. We have plenty of content but advice and tips is something we are missing and we are looking outside of From A Writer’s POV to do that. If you are picked as a writer, you will be displayed as an author on From A Writer’s POV and readers will be able to search your information (Bio) on our website.

Those chosen must follow the rules for submission and must be consistent in submitting their writings on time.

The Topics we are looking to fill are:





Details view:

Business-Participant must have a business sense; preferably someone in business that owns a business.

Finance-Participant must have great knowledge of the subject and be able to show this.

Publishing-Participant must be an owner of a publishing house or have experience in publishing. (We are not looking for people who have published several books and think they have the knowledge needed for this position. You must have experience or work in the field)

Author-Participant must be a published author of more than four books and experience in the field; able to give advice and tips on the subject

Article Content:

We are looking for participants that have experience in one of the above topics. Your articles must contain advice and tips. We DO NOT and WILL NOT accept late work and we WILL NOT and DO NOT accept blog entries. There is a difference in blogs and articles. Please do not send stories.

Articles must be at least a page long; submitted in Times New Roman, 12-font, in WORD document form; title included. Article summaries are due on the 1st of the month every month. (Summaries include the title of your article and a short summary of what your article is about. Admin Darryl Mims will approve or disapprove of the summary) Once your article summary is approved, you will begin writing it and have it submitted by the 9th of that month. Articles are NOT edited or changed. If we have any problem with the article, we will contact you to do the changing. We also do not edit work. It will be put on the site as is.

Your article is allowed to contain one picture (not personal picture) to compliment the topic of your article.

A bio and link will be asked for upon acceptance.

More Info

Being an article writer is long term. Once you decide to be an article writer, we will expect you to submit your work once a month. If you decide to no longer participate in the submission, please let us know ahead of time.

So do you think this is for you? Fill out the application below and email us today at: Include in the email; Subject: Article Submissions

Application Below

Article Submission Application




Which position (topic) are you interested in? Why?

What expertise do you have on this topic?

Link to your personal website:

How long do you believe you can commit to this position?

Answer yes or no to the answers below:

· I understand that my article summary must be turned in by the 1st of each month

· I understand that I must submit an article and not a blog within 8-9 days of getting my summary approved.

· I will let you know ahead of time when I decide to no longer submit articles

Use this space to submit any other info you would like for us to know.

Thanks, From A Writer’s POV

CEO/Dominique Watson

Admin/Darryl Mims

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