To start the discussion off for this group let's explore the "Your Wealth" part of the group name. Honestly, we are all on the journey to wealth as you so am I. The difference is that some of us recognize the journey
we are on and make conscious decisions to stay on that path and
challenge the way we think while others are either comfortable running
what I call the business treadmill or simply are not aware that they

What is the "Treadmill Effect"?

This is a term a old friend of mine uses often and I've adopted as a constant wake up call of what NOT to do. It's very's the motion of doing the same actions over and over again within your business but getting absolutely no where.

This doesn't just apply to your marketing goals as many of us have
figured ways navigate and hop off THAT treadmill. But there are other
treadmills we run daily in our businesses. Financial, Strategic,
Knowledge, Personal, etc, etc, etc.

In what ways do you feel you are running  a treadmill? Or were you a
treadmill runner and decided to hop off and join the rest of the world?
How did you do it? Let's talk about it!

Did you know?

Your Simple Bookkeeper is launching a dedicated members only page for
Your Business, Your Taxes, Your Wealth where it will be an extension of
this group. On the site we will share other practical tips and
strategies and provide you resources to help you in your business. NO
this isn't to take you away from Black Business Women Online,
but to provide you a dedicated "spot" to get up to the minute
information from a central hub as we have members on several networking
sites it's difficult to provide robust information on each one! Stay
tuned for more information when the "Hub" is ready for you and continue
to share your thoughts here!

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Your welcome! and We have more to do! :-)

Speak with you soon!


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