Very thin or Athletic body types are the least common. These body types are slim without trying to diet and usually don't exercose, these body types often lack curves. When dressing an athletic body type should focus on creating the illusion of curves, while showcasing a lean body. Finding a flattering fit can also be difficult for an athletic body type, so finding a tailor, or searching for a brand that fits, may be necessary

1. Select tops such as empire waist and halter to flatter a thin frame body type. These will accentuate a smaller chest. It adds the illusion of curves to the straight figure associated with the athletic body type.

2. Wear tops with prints or intricate details. These draw attention to the upper body. Since athletic body types generally have well toned and slim bodies, drawing attention to certain aspects without going overboard with prints, can distract from the lack of body shape.

3. Choose bottoms with flare to flatter this body type. Skirts and pants with flare add curves to the body. Fitted is wonderful, since it showcases the thin frame, and the flare balances out the straightness of it.

4.Opt for clothing that fits snug. Tight clothing shows off a slender shape, which is the greatest asset of an athletic body type.

5. Use accessories. Necklaces, scarves and other details draw attention away from a smaller bust. But be smart when accessorizing with a scraves.

6. Avoid vertical stripes and patterns. This hides curves, showing off slenderness, which is already there. Any other patterns or prints work well in moderation.

7. Wear bottoms with a dropped or low waist. High waist pants eliminate curves, while a dropped waist can create the illusion of more curves.

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These tips are very helpful, it is not always easy to dress for a thin frame like everyone thinks. These tips were very helpful.


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