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Here are 9 elements of Style for 2009

1. PINK The Color Pink Look for this Color for Spring/Summer of 2009. This is one of the most Powerful Colors see on the Runway! Think Caribbean colors also vibrant colors. Wear it with hot corals for a look that says spring 2009

2. COLORFUL CARDIGANS This will become the NEW jacket. Wear it belted for a look that is truly updated.

3. SNAKESKIN ACCESSORIES This is a must do it in a Shoes bag or belt, the real deal or a print. Chic reptilian motifs are the perfect exotic touch for your warm weather wardrobe.

4. STATEMENT SHOES Sky high stilettos the higher the better the look is sexy shoes that bring your wardrobe excitement from head to toe.

5. Ladylike Ruffles THe feminine touch that brings a romantic spirit to skirts, tops, and dresses.

6. CARRYALLS Unstructured handbags are the right pairing to this season's free-spirited looks.

7. THE ONE SHOULDER DRESSING This is very HOT From New York to Paris you will see the onw shoulder dress top everywhere.

8. GRAPHICS Blod graphic prints are everywhere!!! You will love this new look.

9. GLAMOROUS STONES Get this look for your accessories Rugged to refined, statement -making jewelry is a neccessity for the season. Think Bold Colors and Prints

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Those bags are hott!! and I just love thoes earrings....

Dawn W


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