Never forget where here for networking so please take a monent and use this space to shout out your business.

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WOW...Gorgeous Bags They would work well with Jeans and sneakers (Am I right DaQueen?)...Will help to dress up the look

Yes they would

I am a small business owner in New Orleans, LA. I own Imaginative Gift Baskets, LLC & Balloon Bouquets. I am a event planner who also does gift baskets, and balloons for all occasions. My shop is a place where you can get all your party needs meet at one shop. My main events are the weddings, baby showers, bridal showers, and children birthday parties. We customize the baskets, and party favors to set your taste.

Please visit one of my websites or call my at the shop.

(504) 613-0634
Bracelets are in this year! Visit my website for Fashionable Christian Jewelry & Accessories for both Men and Women! visit us on the web:

Create Your Own
Chic Stylez’ goal is to make the unfashionable, fashionable. I can achieve this by; Analyzing your current wardrobe, discarding the items that are not appropriate for your body type, coordinating an entire season’s wardrobe with accessories (keeping in mind your budget, personal style, and needs), Accompany you on shopping trips to help you purchase more quality clothing rather than quantity. Assisting you in the purchase of essential must-haves that will ultimately create the perfect Capsule Wardrobe for you.
Chic Stylez can assist you in purchasing items that you will love to wear and keep you from wasting money on those items that you never wear.

Service Listing
Personal Shopping-provide clients with individualized attention and service beyond what a retail associate would provide. Includes back-to-school shopping, homecoming, prom, and special events, etc.
Wardrobe Consultation-make an evaluation of client’s physical attributes, lifestyle, and fashion style in order to make the appropriate recommendations that will help the client achieve and maintain their desired image.
Closet Wardrobe Review– detailed examination of the client’s closet. Sort through wardrobe piece by piece, mixing and matching existing items to create new looks from old pieces and discarding the items that are outdated, unworn, or unflattering.
Utilitarian Shopping-consists of grocery shopping, purchasing necessities for a new home, party preparations (birthday, graduation, Christmas, office, welcome home, engagement parties, baby and wedding showers, etc.)
Fee Schedule
Personal Shopping Fee: $20/an hour
-back to school
-special events: homecoming, prom, etc.

Wardrobe Consultation + Shopping Trip
Fee: $35/an hour
Wardrobe Consultation w/o Shopping Trip
Fee: $30/an hour ( no minimum)

Closet Wardrobe Review at your Home
Fee: $30/an hour (2-3 hour minimum)

Utilitarian Shopping
Fee: $40/an hour
-grocery shopping
-purchasing necessities for new homes
-party preparations (birthday , graduation, Christmas, office, welcome home, engagement parties, baby showers, etc.)

Minimum Fee: $ 25*
*The minimum fee is accessed to any assignment that takes less than an hour to complete
Hi Everybody,

I'm Amber S. Hawkins, President/CEO of Your Computer Needs of Toledo, LLC. I specialize in computer training and consulting--for the home, for businesses, for faith-based organizations, for nonprofits and for churches. Additional services include virtual assistance, e-mail marketing, convention/conference assistance, and grant/proposal writing assistance. Products include business cards, promotional postcards, and Internet research reports. Log onto for more information.

The newest component is ordering trade publications FOR FREE!. Order industry publications from agriculture to multimedia, from computers to Information Technology, from retail to website management, from human resources to Utility & Energy, and so much more! Best of all, they’ll be mailed to you FOR FREE OR you can digitally download them FOR FREE.

Don’t delay! Log onto, then click on “Magazine Subjects” to order your FREE publication(s).
Hello I own an online business called Eminent Empress. I make and sell silver inspirational jewelry. My first collection came out on March 7th. Check it our here: Eminent Empress
Amber S. Hawkins of Your Computer Needs of Toledo, LLC featured on the Urban Legendz Show

The Urban Legendz Show premiers and promotes those gifted with the Entrepreneurial Spirit and creative enough to carve out their niche in a specific market. This Wednesday, March 18, 2009 at 6 p.m. EST one of the Biz Captains of Industry featured will be Ms. Amber Hawkins of Your Computer Needs of Toledo, LLC.

The direct link is

Make sure you tune in.
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I am Now Introducing Burning Oils
Starting at ONLY $4

Current Available Scents are:


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