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Da Queen,
I love this discussion, it's right up my alley! :) About to be my season, I am excited about fashion! love dressing in the winter.
Since I create what I love & would purchase (if I could afford to) my choice is fur accessories.
I have been creating one of a kind fur items for over 20 years since 1989 actually, I design & create fur accessories because I love to !!
Fur Blessings,
Ruby the Furlady
The Future Of Fashion
Our season is approaghing, Winter! The time to dress! The most exciting time of the year!
Leather, Suede, Knit, Wool, Casmere,Corduroy & Gabadine are all materials usualy worn in winter.
Fur accessories will compliment & complete your look, giving the look of confidence,feminity & sexiness.
Our one of a kind iitems are designed with divas in mind.Our accessories are tailored to your style.
We have a new sister site set to launch Nov.2009. The site will offer exclusivly mink only items only.
Our new items will be listed in the next two weeks, be on the look out!
Take a sneak peak at whats coming in new designs for Furtasia & MinkMe.
Fur Blessings,


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