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Be a pretty predator or a Romantic Reptillan when you wear this 'Pyramid shaped Croso Satchel by Franco Sarto' This leather Satchel style bag holds your wallet, sunglasses, personal technology and a bottle of water.

Confused about how to wear a strong color like purple? This rich hue looks great on everyone. Here's How You Work It!

Accessorize with Purple as you see featured is the best way when you dont want to go over board.

Looks great with Black or Charcoal

With a Suit: A purple blouse under a dark suit looks great for work

Purple colors in makeup: Complement purple tones with purple eyeshadow, just keep the shadow very sheer and light (too-dark purple eyeshadow sometimes gives you a black eye look).

Here's another way to wear Purple: Play purple off of equally strong prints. A bright purple dress with zebra (black and white) print shoes is fun and funky.

I know you have seen purple its everywhere, Tell me would you wear Purple?

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I would wear purple hair if I could. It is my absolute favorite color. Give the price and availability!
Now Ginger purple is a fabulous color but I must draw the line at purple hair....LOL

Purple is one of my favorite colors. Not make-up so much, but clothing. I've seen men in black suits purple/lavender shirt and they looked darn good.
Not a fan of the lavender but absolutely love deep purple. It is so rich! I would wear a deep purple (eggplant) winter coat this year if I could find the right on at the right price. Fashion Queen, do you have any suggestions??
Purple is SO not one of my favorite choices, but I find it sneaking into my wardrobe anyway. Like today I'm wearing black printed dress, but It has light purple lines. So, I added some smokey dark purple to my eyeshadow this morning.

This weekend I wore a Blurple dress to a holiday function. I loved that shade, though, because it was such a dark violet that it was almost midnight blue. The man even had light purple pinstripes interwoven through the plaid of his suit.

The purple/berry colors are so hot right now, it's almost impossible to avoid them. I even blogged about purple at the beginning of the fall season.



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