Tell me why you love this particular item or items.

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I am a jeans and sneakers person. I love comfort and I don't see myself as a high fashion woman. I look at outfits on other women and their personality carries off the outfit. I have more of a tomboy personality so perhaps that's why I live my Jeans and Sneakers.


I think I have an eye and ear in the fashion world and have knowledge of what's going on but make no mistake I LOVE me some jeans and I will wear sneakers also. Is there a particular brand and style that suits you best?

I understand comfort and you can get that same feel in other types of clothes.


No there is no particular brand or style. They just need to be long enough since I have long legs.

Long Legs that a positive to be proud of I'm only 5'2 so long legs I wish I had maybe try out a mini for the summer LOL
Shoes, hands down!!
My favorite fashion item would be a well-fitted pair of jeans and stileto heels. The jeans can go from a comfortable look to an evening look when paired with the right stileto heel.
My favorite item would have to be a peep toe pump with a platform. You get comfort, year round wear-ablity and sexiness all in one package. Not to mention any obnoxiously huge shoulder bag with plenty of hardware as an accent :) I know you said one but it's just not that easy when it comes to describing something that you love...

Fur accessories would be my choice hands down, now days you can find anything imaginable in fur, accessories include fur pins, hand bags, hair decor, shoe decor, shoes, belts, earrings, bracelets,If you wear a knit the only thing needed are accessories, fur will make your out fit outstanding!
Having said that, visit Furtasia & Minkme. you will see what I mean when I say fur accessories, especially one of a kind accessories!


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