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Welcome toTalitha Cumi Inspires! Be inspired. Be edified.Be uplifted. Be more than you ever imagined possible for you to ever be!

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About Me:

Inspiring Me:
Inspirationalist/ Motivationalist**/ Encourager**/ Edifier**/ Writer/ Author/ Marketing Exec/Entreprenuer/Student/Teacher/ Counselor/ Poet** Singer/Artist*** Mother/Woman*** / Abundant Life Giver/ Lover of GOD,Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit & Lover of the Infalliable, powerful, unadultered, life changing, mind renewing, hope restoring, redeeming, providing, soul prospering and healing Word of the Most High God, through Jesus Christ!!

Today... if you feel uninspired... You are in the right place for inspiration, my friend!!

While you are here.. you may as well, relax, let go of the stress, worries, burdens and problems that weighed you down. Drop every on of them on the floor or better yet, cast those cares upon the Lord. To cast means for you to throw forcefully. So, today, make a decision to throw every situation, problem, stress, worry, burden to the Lord. Let Him care about and for all those things. He desires to. HE wants to. HE has been patiently waiting to.. take care of every problem for you. So, beloved, why not let him. Cast them away today and let your day begin to be inspired. LEt your soul be inspired. Let your mind be set free and renewed. Allow yourself to arise to higher heights today! Read an inspiring word, listen to an inspiring song, view an inspiring picture. Close your eyes and begin to let your troubles be inspired away!

Today.. let a few words of inspiration, a song of hope, a relaxing photo... raise you to higher level of thinking, believing and being. Be inspired today to believe the impossible is possible and grasp the unattainable! You are meant to have an inspired life so that you may inspire the lives of others! Talitha Cumi Inspires Welcomes you to be inspired!!

The Inspiration Behind Talitha Cumi Inspires:
Talitha Cumi Inspires was actually birthed by God in 2001 as just Talitha Cumi, during my journey of healing and wholeness from past abuse, violence, anorexia, bullimia, addictions, suicide thoughts/attempts, hurt & pain; as well as all of the effects of these events.

The past pain has been used by God as a catalyst of compassion and driving force within me, by His abundant grace to touch and minister to the lives of others this amazing grace that saved my soul, healed my hurts, took my shame, removed all stains, mended my brokeness, fixed my heart, restored my years, wiped all my tears and placed my feet on solid rock of salvation, redemption, hope, healing and inspiration. God truly has touched, transformed, and inspired my life in ways that I could not place into just vague words.

Talitha Cumi, an expressed term from the text in Mark 5:41-42, is the greatest way that I can put into words what God has done for me and for my life.

Mark 5:41-42
And he took the damsel by the hand, and said unto her, >“Talitha Cumi; which is, being interpreted, Damsel(Daughter, Young Girl, Child), I say unto you(I command, I will, I declare, I complete) you to) arise(get up, rise up, come up, move, progress, be whole, be well, ascend from that present position, state, place [of being: doing, seeing, believing, thinking] arise, into your true purpose and destiny).”

42 And straightway the damsel(the daughter) arose(was raised up, rose up, got up, ascended, went higher, progressed), and walked (moved forward, progressed further, prospered, went ahead, succeeded); for she was of the age of twelve years (mature, developed, taught enough to walk: go forward, progress, arise). And they(those who were around to witness this) were astonished with a great astonishment(amazement, wonder, awe, joyfulness, rejoicing, hopefulness, sense of inspiration).

The transformation that God's grace through Jesus Christ, my Lord has been so astonishing! I compare it to being raised from the dead. I was once dead, in sin and had many dead places in my life. Pain, abuse, violence, disorders, addictions, depression, rejection and so much more, were all dead places. All places of dryness, drought, lack, despair, victimization and lifelessness. I had died many times within my soul, from all of the pain of the past, yet Jesus raised me up with His expressed transforming and inspiring word, "Talitha Cumi". With His word, God has changed my life. He has healed my soul. He has wiped my tears. He has calmed my fears. He has renewed me again. He has restored all those years lost to the pain and effects of abuse, rape, victimization, strife and violence.

Through the grace of His word, through Jesus Christ , my Lord and Savior, I have been made a daughter of Christ so very inspired, edified, encouraged, renewed, uplifted, restored and healed by His love.

It is because of this life changing and astonishing grace, found in the amazing word of God that Talitha Cumi was changed to Talitha Cumi Inspirations and Motivations which matured and gained most of its momentum in 2006, by encouraging and minstering by via email to a few close friends and family. Who knew then that those few encouraging words sent out by email would begin to grow tremendously. I was led by the Lord, God to start placing words of inspiration and encouragement that I would journal during my own personal time of study, prayer and reflections with the Lord, as testamonials on . Once this occured, the inspiring email ministry had begin steadily growing from 25 local freinds and family to over 200 all over the U.S. and in 2 regions in Africa within a timespan of a year.

In 2008, Talitha Cumi Inpirations and Motivations was changed to Talitha Cumi Inspires, licensed and reaching out to touch t he lives of others all over the world by way of the inspiring email ministry, testamonials, facebook, and my space pages, hope for women, social media marketing mastermind, open social stuff and christian happy hour web network pages; as well as the Talitha Cumi Inspires the World Social Network:
View my page on Talitha Cumi Inspires

The inspiring email ministry alone has grown from 25 in 2001 to over 500 inspiring word recipients locally in TN, all over the U.S. and recipients in various areas of Africa, Bahamas, Carribeans, London & the UK. What an amazing God we serve! I never thought for even one moment in the past, that God would bless me, once broken, hurt, damaged, rejected, abused; in such a great and mighty way, enabling me to be able to minsiter to others, this great and amazing grace that HE has bestowed upon me.

What He has done for me, certainly He can do for anyone. How He has inspired me, He now inspire others through me. I am no longer that broken vessel, damged, and discarded to the side. Now, I am that blessed and yielded vessel, restored, healed, renewed and ready to be used by Him in His hands as His blessed vessel of His inspirational love and healing on so many others who may be hurting in the world, one inspired message at a time!

What Talitha Cumi Inspires is for you:
Taltiha Cumi Inspires is an instrument, tool, catalyst and ministry of the Lord, created, developed and implemented by God to inspire the lives of others all over the world, especially to those of you who may be hurting. IT does not matter where it has come from; hurt still is hurt and pain still feels like pain. Every person on earth has experienced pain, shame, dissapointment, hurt, despair in some form or another. Pain and suffering does not discriminate. In fact, regardless of our race, skin color, nationality, gender, or socio-economic status; when pain hits we all are seeking for relief! Relief for me came only through Almighty God, the only one true and living God, through Jesus Christ. The only God that came to my rescue, helped me, delivered me, set me free and healed me and yet is holding me in His great hands. It is He who has redeemed my soul from hell so many times! He has given hope when I felt hopeless. Joy when I was sad and strength whenever I was weak.

This same God, through Jesus Christ wants to bless, inspire, heal, help, rescue and yes.. even use you too! There is hope for you in JESUS! He truly has great things in store for you! Your best days are yet to come. Today, you begin to be the best you, God meant for you to be. You are the head and not the tail and above only in all things and never beneath. You, beloved are a born winner! In God you win in all things, no matter if good or bad. YOU still win!

You were created by God to connect with and inspire others. There are unique giftings inside of you, just waiting to be explored and implemented. You truly are more than the past or present can ever say you are and beloved, you are just steps away from your greatest breakthrough.

Who I'd like to Inspire:
Those in the world, who love the Lord Jesus Christ and who have come to know His amazing love, grace, mercy, joy, healing and comfort!! Those who desire to grow and go: Grow in the Lord and His words to which we live, move and have our being and be equipped to go out into the world to positively impact the lives of others all over the world, one inspired message, word, picture, poem, way at a time !

To inspire those who are in need of God's caring, in need of His words, in need of His comfort and in need of His strength; so that I may be used by God to share His love and healing with others as I myself have received this great gift that is offered to all, if one would just recieve it.. Eternal life .. and blessings in this life... is in Jesus Christ for you.. If you just recieve him.. by acknowledging HIs existence, His love, His act of love in His death on the cross, and his resurrection from the dead; to remit and take away your sins, my sins, and the sins of the world.

Believe this in your heart and as an act of faith, confess it with you mouth.. "Lord, Jesus Christ, I believe that you died for my sins. I believe you were resurrected from the dead and now sit at the right hand of God the Father.. and that you have now saved me from my sins. I thank you for saving me and giving me eternal life and blessings of your word now!"

And you beloved of God.... have now been translated (moved, transformed, taken from)from the kingdom of darkness to the kingdom of life.. with grace and mercy and love!! Today is the first day of the best days of your life. Be inspired to be more than you ever imagined that you could ever be.

Inspiration in General:
Seeing others come to Christ. The Kingdom of God being built!! Being a Part of God's great Plan and Purpose for all to come to know just who He is, who Jesus is, who the HOly Spirit is And What He does for us daily through his love and know who we are To God who loves us all, and will never ever leave us nor will He forsake us, reject us, or forget us. To see all come to know that they are the beloved of God and He desires for us all to rest secure in Him, which means we relax, have peace, calm, composure, stability, safety, security, hope, blessings, prosperity, accomplishments, skills and abilities in Him; securely and completely!


There is hope for all women from every facet of life to become all that God has purposed for you to become, now and always. "Who[one worthy,intelligent,gifted,purposed enough that] can[is able to]find[discern,see,recieve, posess,have,encounter]a virtuous[pure, powerful]woman, her price[value, worth, esteem] is far[more]above rubies."

Talitha Cumi Inspires Welcomes You, BelovedOf God!~Arise to be More than you thought imaginable! Agape'

You should be right now, living life as God's beloved one. Multifaceted Diamond of the Most High, thru Jesus Christ my Lord!

Talitha Cumi is Blessed to be a Blessing. Inspired by God to Inspire others. Risen from every dead places in life to cause others to also Aspire to Arise, to be be more than you have ever imagined that you could ever possibly be! ~

Talitha Cumi spoken to me. Taltha Cumi, I now speak in return to you. Agape'

Hope for Women Member Badge

View my page on Hope for Women

This will I recall to my mind; Therefore I have hope: It is of the Lord's mercy, that I am not consumed, destroyed, dismayed, distressed, anxiouos, discouraged. His mercies are new every morning. His compassion fails not. Great is thy faithfulness Oh Lord.~ Lamentations ..... So hope thou in the Lord as His beloved, now and always. ~Agape

Inspiring Music:

Inspiring Books:
The Bible, Be Anxious for Nothing- Joyce Myer,BEauty for Ashes- Joyce Meyer, Forgiven & Set Free, Wounded Heart- Dan Allendar, Uncovering Spiritual Witchcraft, THe Gifts of the Holy Spirit- Lester Sumerall, Help- I am raising my kids alone- TD Jakes, Believer's Authority (Awesome book)- Kenneth Hagin.
Cover Girls- TD Jakes
Woman thou Art Loosed- TD Jakes
No More Sheets- Juanita Bynum

Conversations.. (coming soon by Dyanner Brown)
My Soul.. (Coming soon by Dyanner Brown)
Things I never.. (Coming soon by Dyanner Brown)

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Inspiring Web Sites:


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The dawn for inspiration, beauty, joy, peace and even fashion has risen. You can and will be the complete and whole person you were created, divinely crafted and hand woven to be.

YOU are a designer's original!

Didn't you know.. God was the first master seamstress and designer!? And You were knit and woven by His hands, even before you were born. You were uniquely woven to be more than you ever imagined or thought possible for you to be.

Through His amazing Love, You can have everything you need.. want and hope for!

Be the stunningly beautiful fashionista you are suppose to be!

Be inspired. Be restored. Be refreshed! Be fabulous today!

You are welcome to be YOU in all your fashionista fabulousness and beauty!!

You were created to shine: be brilliant, radiant, beautiful, bold, unforgettable, rare, refined, treasured and cherished!

You are created tolive life tothefullest, in abundance and until it overflows!

Friends are God's way of keeping you beautifully alive!You were created to touch the lives of others! you ahve something unlike anyone else, placed in you by God. You are fearfully and wonderfully made by God to succeed!

You are an inspiring beauty!!

A uniqe, rare, refined, beautiful creation you are! Flawlessly rare, you shine, just the way you were meant to!

You are a masterpiece original made by the Master of all creation and creativity Himself.. God!

All your gifts and talents have been uniquely placed in you, to fulfill the purpose and glory of God! You are a solution to one or more of this world's problems!

Be rejuvenated, be renewed! Be You!!

You are beautiful and magnificent in the eyes of God!

Welcome to Talitha Cumi Inspires the World!
God bless you as you arise to be all that God created you to be! You are purposed to win, succeed, excel, do well, and arise to higher heights than you ever thought imaginable. Why allow temporary circumstances of today, stop you from living the life, more abundantly, you were created to have through Jesus! No matter what the past was, what the pain was, what the people say. are purposed to progress and prosper! Move ahead in your divine destiny in God, leaving the past behind.You were born to Succceed, WIN, and Achieve in this life. Blessings and Honor to you now and always! You can get more encouragement on the inspiring Christian social network page I created:

You can also just click the network badge or the RSS links to Talitha Cumi Inspires Network to your left.

Visit Talitha Cumi Inspires Or vist any of these pages to view blogs/notes that the Lord has blessed me to write: I look forward to seeing you more inspired & blessed, on the network. God bless you richly today and always! Agape in the Lord.~Dyanner


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The Favor of the Lord Rises up for You! YOUR time of FAVOR is now!

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The Favor of the Lord Rises up for YOU!

Dyanner Brown

July 2009

What is favor? Favor can be described to be a variety of many different things depending upon the variety of many different people that are asked. We all have heard the expression, “favor aint fair”.

When something is fair, it is considered to be that which is good, just, acceptable, pleasing; that which is… Continue

~*The Steps of a GOOD MAN!!*~

Posted on June 22, 2009 at 7:04pm 0 Comments

The STEPS of a GOOD Man!

Written by Dyanner Brown

June 2009

Anyone, who is anyone and of course who has the ability to operate and use their legs can walk. Walking is suppose to be very beneficial for one's well being physically and emotionally. However, its not always where you walk but how you walk that gets the benefit. This is the case of the footsteps of… Continue


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IA… Continue

Your Blessing is in Your Seed!! ~ Happy Mothers Day~ May 10th

Posted on May 1, 2009 at 6:52pm 0 Comments

Encouragement for MOMs!!!

The efforts, the fruit, the reward, the seed: the child... of all your work, production and activity rises up, succeeds and is accomplished to prosper causing you to be blessed, wealthy, affluent, influential, accomplished, successful, powerful and prosperous!

You are suppose to succeed..

Your blessings of wealth comes through your seed.…



Posted on February 13, 2009 at 4:34pm 0 Comments

Earlier today.. a friend sent me a wonderful word on Ruth...

'Finding Yourself'

She found herself working in a field belonging to Boaz.

Ruth 2:3 NIV

Ruth's life was spiraling downward. Her husband died. She'd left her old home in Moab and wasn't accepted in her new one in Bethlehem. She was in survival mode, making the best of a bad deal by gleaning just enough to stay alive. Then God turned… Continue

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Sweets for the sweet beloved of God!!

You are very welcome!! God bless you all my friends... and sisterpreneurs!! Agape' Always!

you are blessed to be a blessing.. ensuring that you are always blessed..

"Seed time and harvest.." Hugs!
At 2:12pm on April 10, 2009, Helen Orme said…
Hi Dyanner,

Welcome to the Women In Ministry Preneurs! I'm excited for you and all that God have in store for you. I look forward to you joining the discussion and leaving your comments. Blessings ~
At 1:39pm on April 9, 2009, DaQueen said…
Hi Dyanner

Thanks for the add and thanks for joining your fashion fixx
At 12:22am on March 20, 2009, Dyanner Brown said…
At 3:10pm on March 7, 2009, Rachelle Christopher said…
Thank you for the add, hope we can keep in touch, be inspired my sister always... Be Bless!
At 12:30am on March 2, 2009, Rachelle Christopher said…
May you always be inspire in your business.. Glad God is your inspiration.
Continue to let him inspire you always.. Be Bless*
At 3:48am on March 1, 2009, Melvina Garcia said…

Thank you for being the inspiration I needed tonight. I truly love this page. Keep blessing my sister.

Inspirational Expressions
At 9:14pm on February 14, 2009, Rachelle Christopher said…
Let God be your inspiration.. may everyday he be your light when you feel as if you are battling life storms.. Be Bless and Stay Inspire*

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