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You're Invited to an All Exclusive Online Chat Party For Amber Scott Tonight 8 - 10 PM EST.

Hello My name is Brigitte Henry,

The Admin. of

I would like to extend an Invitation to you, to Tonight's Online Chat Room Party

You're Invited to an All Exclusive Online Chat Party For Amber Scott Tonight 8 - 10 PM EST.

Amber is Serving our Country in the United States Military I am hosting a party in her honor tonight!

Hope that you will be able to attend!

Thank You for your support hope to see… Continue

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What is your competitive edge?

Greetings everyone!

Developing your competitive edge is a must. I am a true guerrilla marketer just the same as most, however what has made me unique or stand out marketing for the legal community is my ability to adapt using media software creatively. I have spent years developing my edge to survive in the industry. There are numerous docket runners and legal marketers in my area in the same business who are creative when it comes to guerrilla marketing, but it is that edge of… Continue

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Check out From A Writers POV Online Magazine February Edition!

From A Writers POV has been updated for it's February Edition! We are so excited about this edition because this month we are introducing our virtual magazine.

You can view our virtual magazine on the homepage. Simply go to this link: and click on magazine. You will then see a link that directs you to the virtual magazine.

Also, our Writing Events are back! This month's Writing Event is Love's Dedication. Check in each week to read each writers… Continue

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DUI supports - March for Babies - help us reach our goal


Is back again

Walking to give every baby a healthy start!

I had the pleasure of attending the March of Dimes Kick - Off this week.

As I was sitting at lunch listening to the speaker, she asked the question" Why are you a Team Captain?" (4yr veteran)

The Answer for me: Enthusiasm is a… Continue

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Looking to Be Your Own CEO ?

Then wait no longer we have a low-cost startup fee of $35 plus shipping and tax. You will receive your partner kit within one week of your order to start marketing and promoting your business to potential clients and business partners. Visit the site at and click on Join then complete the enrollment form for membership. I hope you will join our stylish and innovative group of business owners.

Yours Truly,


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Do You Understand Your Season of Change?

The caterpillar knows his assignment; he understands and recognizes his season of change. He does not fear or fight against it but willingly positions himself to embrace and endure the severe process of metamorphosis.

He does not despise his beginnings because he understands that the matrix of his world as a caterpillar is only a temporary form that carries his future. The ‘caterpillar’ is the larval stage of what he’s been created to be, a butterfly. He knows that beneath his… Continue

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2009 Summer Programs For High School Students

Greetings Family,

(Contact Information At The Bottom Of The Page)

It's your friendly neighborhood "Digital Drummer"

The post below came from For those that don’t know… was one of the first Black owned and operated social networks. Before MySpace, FaceBook, and the thousands that followed. in it’s heyday, had a subscriber base of over 20,000 Black professionals. According to… Continue

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Carnegie Secret Formula

Carnegie Reveals His Secret Formula

In 1883, while Carnegie was at the peak of his career, a boy was born to a poor family in a log cabin in the mountains of Virginia.

It would be another 10 years before this boy would own his first pair of shoes, and 12 years before he saw a railroad train.

Yet, this young man would one day become the advisor to presidents and mentor to millions. His name was Napoleon Hill.

"I discovered why my father named me… Continue

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The Rites of Women Pt. 2 - Celebrating the Mother to Be

The Rites of Women Pt. 2

By Tonya K. Freeman

Rite of Passage: Celebrating the Mother to Be

As a woman awaits the birth of her child, there is a ritual that is practiced in America and it is called a baby shower. It is the closest that we come to celebrating the state of being that a woman is in…the anticipation of the “almost here time.”

There is another ritual that is becoming popular known as the Blessing Way Ceremony in honor of the Navajo… Continue

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The Rites of Women Pt. 1 Menarche

The Rites of Women ©2005

By Dr. Tonya K. Freeman

First Rite: Menarche

For a number of years now, I have been a strong advocate of women reclaiming their spiritual mysteries. In my workshops, seminars, and Primordial Priestess Training, the women are encouraged to identify and embrace the first mystery that they were introduced to, their Sacred Moon Cycle. By honoring this part of themselves, many have experienced a closer connection to Gaia’s rhythms and cycles,… Continue

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The Toxic Job

Is your JOB toxic?? We have all heard of toxic relationships and friendships. You know the ones that bring you down, lead you down the wrong path, or cause you more harm or hurt than good. So, is your JOB toxic? And how can you tell. If your immediate response to the question was yes, then case closed. If you are not so sure whether your job is toxic or not, I have some things you may want to think about. I'm not professing to be a career counselor, or anything like that, but I had a… Continue

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Meet My Beautiful Family

Find more photos like this on African… Continue

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ShopRite's Breathe Alittle Easier Campaign

Breath a Little Easier this Flu Season with ShopRite’s FREE Antibiotics Program - Free Antibiotics From January 11 Until March 28

Wallet-free visits to local ShopRite Pharmacies for antibiotics become a reality starting this Sunday with the launch of ShopRite’s FREE Antibiotics program. Keeping true to its mission of delivering outstanding customer service and value, ShopRite is helping its customers breathe easier this flu season by offering a 14-day supply of commonly prescribed… Continue

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I need someone that can provide the following services ASAP!

Book interior layout
Make-Up Artist (ATL)
Image Consultant (ATL)
Hair Stylist (ATL)

Contact me here or @ thank you much

Added by April Mason on January 29, 2009 at 7:56pm — 2 Comments

Make this the Best V-Day Ever!…Whoever your date is (him or you!)

Valentine’s Day. Immediately, these words conjure visions of roses, boxes of gourmet chocolates and an intimate

night with your loved one. But if you’ve been with the same person for years, or spending this year alone, chances

are things in the bedroom are more lackluster than explosive. Don’t let Valentine’s melt into another ordinary day.

Spice things up with the following tips from Dana B. Myers, co-founder of Booty Parlor.

1) Single this year? Be your own… Continue

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Why Should I Use the Proper Oil In My Vehicle?

Last week, we discussed the importance of oil changes. I hope everyone put their's on their calendar. As promised, we will talk about the proper oil weight for your vehicle. Each vehicle has its own weight of oil. Today's vehicles use 5w20 or 5w30. There are rare occassions for vehicles to use 5w40. Synthetics and diesels are different type oils. We will discussed those oils in future blogs.

When a vehicle uses 5w20 or 5w30, these numbers mean something. The "5" is the thinner part… Continue

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Many Young Women Wary Of A Life Without Periods

( -- Jennifer Burch has seen the ads for Seasonale, Barr Pharmaceutical's new packaging of the standard birth control pill that promises users just four periods a year.

But, she said, she's not buying it.

"Let the body do what it does naturally," said Burch, a 32-year-old yoga instructor who said she was in the midst of her monthly period at the time, with its usual bothersome mood swings.

"If we weren't… Continue

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Change Cannot Occur Without Your Cooperation

Change, while good, is not always an easy transition. Many of us want change but have a hard time making the necessary adjustments to make it possible.

Think about the caterpillar before its transition into a butterfly. It goes through a rigorous transformation called metamorphosis. During its larval stage it crawls on the ground to nourish on plant life until its pupa stage. When the larva is fully-grown, it stops feeding and begins drifting in quest for a suitable pupation site.… Continue

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Staying Focus on Your Creative Business

Now that you have set some goals for your creative business. It is now time to switch gears. When you start a business it is important to develop a personal style for your business. This would include a mission statement and a company brand identity.

Mission Statement

A mission statement is a brief description of a company's fundamental purpose, it articulates the company's purpose both for those in the organization and for the public. In my post about Why to Create a… Continue

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