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Advertise for $5: Calling all Stay at Home Mom's with Business or Hobbies!

Ladies of Christ Sister's Foundation Presents: Ladies of Christ Supports Stay at Home Mom's

Ladies of Christ Sister's Foundation is hosting it's first event. "Ladies of Christ Supports Stay at Home Mom's" We are hosting an event that allows stay at home moms to advertise their business, hobbies or the things they do all day long while taking care of their children.

For the month of June, we are allowing mom's to purchase space to advertise their work. *you do not… Continue

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How to Make an Oatmeal and Brown Sugar Scrub

Making your own natural oatmeal and brown sugar body scrub is fun, simple and easy on your budget. It smells great too. Read on to learn how.

Things Needed:

Ground Oats

Medium Bowl

Brown Sugar

Aloe Vera

Lemon juice

1. Place 2 tbsp. of ground oatmeal in a medium bowl. Oatmeal is hypoallergenic and full of amino acids that nourish and moisturize the skin. Oatmeal is perfect for people with sensitive skin, as it is a natural… Continue

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1 MAY 09


Ok, this has been a busy quarter for me ( forget month).

I actively promoting the BBBC, this club just gets better and better,

There is so much excitement generated about the BBBC growth and direction.

Online Conferences, Workshops, Television, Radio, Membership community site, business and personall development software, ebooks, and videos.

If you have NOT connected to the BBBC, shame on… Continue

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Celebrating National Poetry Month with Sisterhood, the Blog - a poem about the power of social media in women's lives

Celebrate National Poetry Month by reading Sisterhood, the Blog’s signature poem below. Sisterhood, the Blog is a social media project that will launch in late June. It will provide sacred space for twenty-first century women to explore self-discovery through sisterhood connections and communities, spirituality, self-care, self-expression, storytelling, social media, and social justice advocacy. Visit… Continue

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SOCBS Testimony

I've always wanted to be a SAHM . Well 2008 comes and I have this precious 9 pounder to love. There were different projects in our favor but they just haven't came through yet. I had support from my original supervisor that I could work from home when my baby was born but that failed through when my new supervisor came along. I remember coming home and balling my eyes out to the Lord. I couldn't worship or praise Jesus on my own so I turned on some music. I received comfort in Him that night… Continue

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Oprah's Hair Is No Weave!

To see what her real hair looks like visit my blog at

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Did you get your workout on this morning?

To view the entire workout, click here.

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In my research, one of the errors with student loans is duplicated loans. Years ago, prior to the wake of Identify Theft, most of the student loan ACCOUNT numbers were with your social security number.

Let me give you an example. Let's say you opened an account in 2000. Your account number was your social security number. Therefore, whenever you applied for CREDIT, your social security number was on you credit report with the SS#.

Around 2004, Sallie Mae and others decided… Continue

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After intensive research, my company has finally decided to offer this service to those of you that think, it's to expensive.

Through a third party hosting company, we will help you host your meeting and conferences via the web with a WEBINAR.

Since I am a Corporate/Business Event Planner, this is what I can do for an Entrepreneur, Solo-preneur, Home Base Business, Self-Employed, etc. etc.

No long time contract or commitment, a pay as you go service. No monthly bill,… Continue

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Heading to the USA in May

well i have finally decided to book my ticket and head to the USA. Im so looking forward to meeting the fabulous woman who i message here on this site. Im hoping that maybe some of us can get together for a coffee or lunch. If you want to know anything about Australia, im the girl to ask.

Drop me a msg and let me know if your interested.


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Since there are so many mistakes that may be on your file, having an old copy can help you years down the road. Why? This is the only way you can prove HOW old a bill really is. If the account was on an old collection 5 or 7 years ago, the account still may be on your file. Did you know that collection companies will still try to COLLECT, pass the seven year law that allows certain accounts to be on you file?

Have you received calls from a bill collector for a bill that happen years… Continue

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Turn the Light On!

The world is in a state of distress. People are worried about rising energy costs, housing slumps, recessions, depressions, storms… and the list goes on and on. But we, as the Body of Christ, are a light to this dark world and the peace of God that we abide in speaks volumes to those around us.

Don’t forget Where you abide and in Whom you abide (read Psalm 91). Let your light shine in this dark world and boldly proclaim Jesus as Lord. Be a beacon of hope to draw others to the Kingdom… Continue

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Create your own economy by turning your expertise into CA$H

One of the biggest frustrations in internet marketing is that you have to sell thousands of $10-$20 ebooks each year in order to make a full-time living online. The logistics can be pretty daunting.

There are a few ways to get over this hurdle.

1. Reach more people. (Get more customers.)

2. Write more ebooks. (Offer more low end products.)

3. Offer a higher-end product or service that your existing customers can pay more for. (Charge more for...… Continue

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Protecting yourself from Swine Flu

So how scared should we be?

That depends on whom you ask. Officials at the CDC and the WHO have emphasized that while the swine flu situation is serious, they're responding with an abundance of precautions. Even Osterholm, who has been highly critical of the U.S. government's long-term failures to better prepare for a pandemic, gives the CDC a 9 out of 10 for its response so far. Outside of Mexico, the swine flu hasn't looked too serious yet - unlike during the SARS outbreaks of… Continue

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The Decline Of Black Radio

Greetings Family,

(Contact Information At The Bottom Of The Page)

It's your friendly neighborhood "Digital Drummer"

The Black Agenda Report (www. has a good article on the decline of Black radio. Managing editor, Bruce Dixon points out how the corporatization of Black radio has silenced the voice of the Black community.

When the Tom Joyner Morning Show was pulled first from Chicago, and then from other markets early this… Continue

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CHICAGO'S BLACK BUSINESS NETWORK - Showing Raising Chefs' so love!

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Come share your love for Jesus on Ruthietalk in the blogs during May!

Ruthietalk is a business network with a twist -- Ruthie Loves Jesus as her personal Lord and Saviour!

Come to and share the gospel, your testimony your favorite bible verses...

tell your friends in your social networks, blog about it, tell your churches, relatives...come share about Jesus in the blogs at Ruthie talk all during May blessed it's a online Revival!

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Tune in to Fit4Life Radio and see how others are losing it

Fit4Life Radio Show, Tuesdays at 1:00pm EST. Let's talk about inspiring ways to get fit and stay that way.

Catie Boles Tuesday Catie Boles: Join us to hear Catie's story, she lost 37 pounds and 27 inches through the power of Latin music by participating in My Mambo Mania fitness…


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Join My Email List...

Please send me your name and email address if you are interested in joining my email list. You will receive travel industry information, supplier specials and/or promotions, and information about hotels and resorts all over the world.


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