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Are you Making These MISTAKES In Your Business?

1. Are you treating everyone you come in contact with like they are a prospect for your business?

 2. Are you spending your time trying to sell people on the concept of network marketing?

 3. Are you spending your time trying to convince uninterested people to join your business?

 4. Are you spending your valuable time posting fliers all over…


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Yes, video may help your presentation but who has time to learn to make it look professional? You will enjoy this service

Hello community,

this service has help my message delivery by 100%

using video in your communication, is being touted, as a must do.

problem, the learning curve to produce a professional looking video takes too much time.


this company offer a way to produce…


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Learn How To Prospect Effectively With Prospecting Scripts And Close Them

Todd Falcone is one of the Top Money Earners in the marketing arena.  For the First Time Ever, Todd Falcone is

Releasing His ENTIRE SCRIPT LIBRARY to the MASSES (or…at least those that are smart enough to pick this up before he decides to cut this offer for good.

Are you having problems recruiting a prospect, then following up with them?  After following up, which is key, you must pick up the phone and have a conversation…


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Business Summer Camp for the Youth, Teens and maybe You!

Sign yourself or your teen up for  Summer business camp training instructed by Andrew Morrison who has appeared on Oprah.  There are two ways in which to attend:  (1) In person at Monroe College New Rochelle in New York or (2) Online.  Some of the  skills taught will be writing a book in a weekend, the basics of financial statements, giving back to the community by partnering with non profits, developing…


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Beauty Magazines: Should You Purchase Them?

When waiting in line at the supermarket checkout, have you ever ended up buying a beauty magazine that you saw by the checkout counters? If you have, you are definitely not alone. While a large number of individuals, possibly just like you, purchase beauty magazines on occasion or as an impulse buy, many others have to have copies of all beauty magazines and on a monthly or even a weekly basis at that. While it is okay to have a collection of beauty magazines, you need to be careful about… Continue

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Send a Greeting Card... getting back to that personal touch!

Nine out of 10 Americans look forward to receiving personal letters and greeting cards. Adding a personal touch to your greeting cards can make them even more special to the receiver. Here are some tips for personalizing greeting cards:


  1. Write the person’s name or nickname on the inside of the card. Personalizing the card reminds them this card was sent just for them.
  2. Highlight the phrases that apply or hold special meaning. This is a…

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Advertise your business to 100,000 People

More Black Success Volume 11 will be advertised to one hundred thousand or more Black people internationally.

These are educated, well-read people.…


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How to Write an Effective Press Release

A press release (aka a media release) is a public relations announcement sent out to the media and other targeted publications to let the public know what's going on with you and your business. It's a way to get coverage in newspapers, magazines, websites and blogs.


Before sending off your next press release, here's what you should know to make it effective:


Have a good reason to write and send one. A few reasons to send a press release:…


Added by Jamie Fleming-Dixon on April 28, 2011 at 6:12pm — 3 Comments

From Funny to Insightful

Today as I watched Loony Tunes (yes from time-to-time I like to watch the cartoons I grew up watching) I was amazed at the subject. One of the cartoons that aired exactly discussed investing money!


In Heir Conditioned, Sylvester had inherited a large sum of money. His first thought was to spend the money on "stuff" (everything he WANTED in life).


Elmer Fudd, his financial advisor, kept telling Sylvester, "you don't want to spend your money on things you…


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If Google Doesn't Know You, Why Should I?

We’ve all done it; we come across an intriguing article or blog post with a killer headline that really grabs our attention and we find ourselves compelled to read it. After we do, we discover how much we enjoyed it and now, are inclined to learn more about the author. So what do we do? We Google them.

We eagerly search their name to receive results in hopes of uncovering additional and equally valuable content. Low and behold…we do! We are excited to have just… Continue

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Don't Let Your Business Fizzle, Make It SIZZLE

So, today I'm going to briefly discuss the difference between business and sizzle cards. First, what are business cards? Usually business cards are bits of information with your name, business information, phone numbers to reach you and email address. EVERYONE should have a business card. Even if you don't necessarily own a business. It's just an easier, classier, neater way to pass on your information when you meet someone.

SIZZLE cards ( also known as drop cards) although sometimes… Continue

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Live Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Hello MYBBO Family,


Here is a great website to visit.  Save up to 90% on Personal Development products, audios and books.  Everyday, they give a new wealthy, healthy and wise offers.












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Sign up for my website - and get a FREE Wordpress theme! Instant download.

Hi Ladies!


My name is Kimberly Clark and I'm a website designer.  I have recently launched my latest venture -  It is an online store that primarily sells single page wordpress themes and html templates.  For those of you who don't know what that means, they are basically ready made websites, just purchase and install.


I have set up my site so that every new member can download a free single page…


Added by Kimberly Clark on April 28, 2011 at 12:33am — 6 Comments

The Credit Amnesty Program: Don’t believe the Hype!!!!

With just a few days left until the end of the month, as well as April being Financial Literacy month.   I thought it was very ironic to hear a recent radio advertisement announcing that certain individuals should take part in a great program being given by creditors; it’s called “The Credit Amnesty Program”.  This advertisement was encouraging people who have credit scores as low as 480, to come and apply for INSTANT CREDIT no one is turned down.  Lie!!!!!, this is the biggest gimmick and…


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Mad about Mimi!

Thanks to Lashanda Henry I am back on my grind for my business.  A few weeks ago I purchased the 40+ audio series from her and it is so worth the money.  Instead of overwhelming myself  with the wealth of info that she gives I decided to marinate on one concept at a time and then move on to the next when I feel comfortable; which has been working for me.  Anywho, I just graduated from learning about email advertising.  After checking out all of the companies that she suggested I decided to…


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Business Productivity Tools - FREE

To the cloud! Sounds like the Microsoft commercial right? Umm, excuse me Microsoft.... what cloud are you speaking of?

Cloud computing is the new form of "shared" working options. For small businesses, this can be an in-expensive way for their business to operate and share information with staff and end-users. Just like the different types of actual clouds, you have options when it comes to the virtual cloud that you select for your business. 


Microsoft offers the…


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