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Go Get It! Smart Business Tips and Todos (inside)

Happy Monday!

Browse the list below to review the latest smart business tips, tools, and todos brought to you by members of the BBWO Community.

First Announcement: What's Your Business? If you would like to submit your business to be reviewed for possible feature on the 2012 BBWO50 Women Entrepreneurs click hereto submit your…


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Turning Tens into Thousands: How to Successfully Sell Lower Priced Items Online

This is my web business truth, what's yours? In the comment box below share something you have learned about building an online business.

Post a comment, blog link, and/or video.

This video series inspired by She Rocks the Web, SistaSense 3 Day Weekend Workshops:…


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How to Brainstorm Business Ideas

Yesterday I had a great conversation with a dear friend about how she is ready to step out on faith and move towards opening her business. I was so excited to hear that she was ready to start because she has shared that she has had this passion since grade school. However, as we began to discuss what her next steps were she was giving herself a deadline to the end of summer for brainstorming. I feel like this is a lot of time to squander for brainstorming. Well, let me put it this way, if I…


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(early bird ends soon) She Rocks the Web 2012

The buzz is building on She Rocks the Web 2012, so if you miss it don't say I didn't tell you.

Just in case you…


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My Freelance Life: I am fed up! (throwing up both of my hands)

I have stop ranting online and never really have done one on my blog, but that will change today. So why now, it’s because I have something to get off my chest. I feel like if I don’t do it now, I just might explode. Plus if I ever get told or text something similar to what spark this post, I can just send them here and hopefully they will get it. It will be my 2012 (and beyond) version of “Talk to the Hand!”

When a self-employed person get fed up
“You ain’t got no job man!”



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Flash Sale Time By Urban Vibe Inc.

Flash sale Time

50% off all over $50 or more with Promo Code : VIBEINC50

Free Shipping on all Orders $35 or more promo Code:…


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[Breaking News] FREE Virtual VIP 1/2 Day - Limited slots

Hello  Powerful one!

Imagine having time with an empowering Mentor and Coach to focus on your vision, goals and strategies all for increased manifestation of your desired results. Aren't you worth it?

Give yourself the luxury of uninterrupted focus on your vision, goals and strategies with my Free Bonus.

The official launch of The Extraordinary Woman Extraordinary Life Home Study Program with Bonus live calls is next week and when you enroll with…


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(how many ways) Recharge Your Business & Rock the Web

Here at Black Business Women Online we strive to focus on solutions that can help you and your business. Keep reading for the latest tips and solutions for today, but 1st a quick reminder - early registration ends in 7 days for She Rocks the Web, 3 Day Weekend Workshop hosted by LaShanda Henry (aka SistaSense). URL:…


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The Art of Internet Branding

What is Internet Branding?

Internet branding is one strategy that business owners can employ to…


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Stop attracting negative relationships. Attract Lifestyle, Spiritual and Business Success FREE Online Event for Women

Be Unstoppable!
"Tired of struggling with negative, dead beat, unhealthy personal and business relationships?…

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3 Ways to Have A Successful Week!

As the CEO of your business, I think it's most important to evaluate and know the results you're looking for each week.  That won't happen if you don't have clarity in your business and if you haven't identified the "to-do" items that will support your goals.

So, I'd like to share 3 things that you can do to have a successful business week every week:

1. Gain Clarity on what you want to experience for the week financially.  Now divide that figure by the…


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Questions & Answers: Why do you think WordPress is flexible?

There is no secret about how much I love WordPress. It has made my life so much easier since I have embraced it but it wasn’t always that way. I look at web design as two parts – the designing of the graphics and then the back-end with the HTML and CSS. I have no problem doing both but sometimes the coding part can really kick your butt. I hate when I am working on some html edits and something goes wrong. Then it take me hours to figure out what’s wrong and it turns I added an extra…


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5 FREE & Extremely EASY Ways to Steer Traffic to your Website

At a recent workshop I facilitated, a participant shared that she didn’t understand the big ‘hype’ about having a website. Though she had one; she hadn’t attained any customers from it. I explained that having a website is a good first step, but not enough to gain clients. If you are not engaging your visitors, chances are they will never return. Do you have a website…


Added by Sylvia Browder on April 21, 2012 at 1:18am — 2 Comments

Robin Tramble aka The Empowerment Diva Launches Women's Empowerment 6 Week ecoaching Program with Bonus Live Calls


Where can women find reliable resources to assist in the realization of empowerment “Spirit, soul and body?” Robin Tramble aka The Empowerment Diva launches a 6 week ecoaching program “Extraordinary woman, Extraordinary life!”




Apr 20 2012 - 

Where can women find reliable resources to assist in the realization of empowerment “Spirit, soul and body?”  Robin Tramble aka The Empowerment Diva launches a 6…


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You Are All You've Got - How Sexy is Your Home Based Business?

Question of the day – what would you do if you went into work today and got fired or showed up to learn that your company had closed its doors? Would you panic? Plead? Pass out? Beg? Go postal? Pop some pills?

Most people are not in a position to walk away from their job and be worry free, but if you had a profitable home business the world would look quite different to you.

Instead of worrying about “the…


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In All Thing Be Grateful

Good Morning;

                     May I share my morning favorite cup of green tea with you. Every  day I'm up early sitting on my sun porch,from here I have a harmonious view.  Kicking off my shoes and relax in my white wicker chair before starting off my day. I quietly send out and receive universal love.

Listening to my breath I think of how each of us have awaken from a nights rest... feet hitting the floor.. without ever giving much thought to our trust level, we…


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Blog Challenges are a great way to build content for your blog.

I'm participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. At the end of the challenge you will have 30 post. No you don't have to post every day, but it helps, just make sure at the end of 30 days you have 30 posts. This is especially good for folks starting out or those who have written many posts.


You post your post on the blog challenge facebook page and then go read and comment on other bloggers posts. The other bloggers…


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We Want You!

GPS is still looking for People Who Prosper OR anyone that is successful, considers themselves successful, or on their way to success!

We are looking to feature and introduce people who are up and coming in their business or already there! is a place that features business owners and shares their stories with someone who just might be able to relate. Believe it or not, sometimes it helps to stay motivated when you hear other…


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13 Ways to Build your Superstar Platform

Every speaker and author is told they must have a    “PLATFORM.”

What exactly does that mean????…


Added by Pam Perry on April 18, 2012 at 1:35pm — 1 Comment

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