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More Great News About My New Book - Sneak Preview of Book Cover Summary

That Which Awakens Me: Kreative Grooviness (2005)

(Painting appears on front cover of book)

Copyright 2009 by Madelyn C. Leeke

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Official Logo for That Which Awakens Me products and apparel

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Copyright 2009 by Madelyn C. Leeke

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I want to establish my non profit, now what?

Dear Coach,

I want to establish my non profit entity to provide technology training to individuals with disabilities. While this is my passion, I don't have a client base and I know it takes time to receive your status as a 501 c 3. I am not sure of what steps to take. Help!

-- Bridgette, Maine

Greetings Bridgette,

Thank you for writing in Bridgette. Great mission. Have you thought about volunteering with an NPO providing services to individuals with… Continue

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Free-Writing Technique

Today Barbara Smitherman was featured in an interview on The POV Lounge. She submitted an article on "Free-Writing Technique" Her article was very informative. I know every writer will be able to use the information she has provided.

So log into The POV Lounge and read her interview as well as her article.

Please give us your feedback. We always want to hear back from you!

See you there!

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Poetry Week Workshop!

Tune in all next week to From A Writers POV Ning Network's first Poetry Week Workshop.

All week we will do exercises on poetry writing and give tips. If you are someone who would like a little more knowledge, practice and help on poetry writing, join our group where the workshop will be featured:

I look forward to seeing you there!

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My Father's Business

A close friend of mine and I were discussing an incident that transpired in the Book of Matthew between Jesus and his twelve chosen disciples. Just before The Last Supper Jesus declared that one of them were going to betray him. Of course, they all denied the claim. However, that’s not what shocked me. What caught my attention was not the disciples’ reaction, but Jesus’ response. All along He knew who was going to betray him and when that betrayal would take place…but he changed not! He treated… Continue

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The Secret

Everyone’s running scared talking about America is going through a recession. It’s time like these that economy strategists predicts cutting back and saving money a must. Really? Is that what a recession causes, cut backs? Because if that’s so, I’ve been in a recession for quite awhile now. In fact, I grew up in a recession! We didn’t always have the best of everything, but we made the best of what we had. I surely didn’t prance around in designer outfits, but my clothes were clean and… Continue

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Due Season

I have learned that life is not always fair. I’m not going to always get what I want when I want it nor will things easily come my way. Nevertheless, in the midst of going through, God is there. It is He who keeps me from losing it all…my mind, my finances and even myself. Just when I am about to do something completely foolish, God steps in. He thoughtfully removes a bad influence from out of my life. He closes the door of a potentially disastrous business venture. He locks up all possible… Continue

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Have you ever been tired…of mothering? Truth be told, I have. I’ve been to the point where I wanted to throw in the towel and just give up. I’ve even gone as far as contemplating dropping my boys off to their father and not returning. I would simply keep driving and not look back. I was tired. Burnt-out. Exhausted. Spent. Overwhelmed. Underappreciated. Anyway, you call it, it all comes up the same…t-i-r-e-d! I was tired of giving and giving, receiving nothing but bad attitudes and… Continue

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Have you Mastered the Balancing Act?

Balance is a precious thing. Some days I have it and others …not so much. I don’t think my life is particularly busier than most; I just try to cram 40 hours of activity in a 24 hour day! I’m learning to cut things down to manageable size tasks and even to not work every day; yet I still feel a twinge of guilt when I’m sitting at my computer and my sons want me to stop and play basketball or color. I have a great husband who doesn’t mind pitching in and doing when I’m “in the zone”. There’s… Continue

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Submit your Inspirational Writing!

Do you have an inspirational message you would like to submit to encourage someone else? Submit your inspirational message today and it will be published in next month’s newsletter.

We encourage those who love to write and love to inspire through their writing to submit a writing today. Your inspirational words could help someone else.

We allow writings on varies topics such as:

Spiritual Growth and Relationship With God

Praising God

Fighting the… Continue

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Hiding From Our Greatness

I am often struck by the number of people who have extraordinary gifts and talents, but are afraid to expose them to the world. How many extremely talented people do you know who are hiding their greatness? All of us have something unique and special to offer. Oftentimes we hold back and only scratch the surface of what we could be. All of the symptoms of hiding are really the same in each of us. It’s either something in our past, an incident that we felt shut the door to a promising future, or… Continue

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7 Steps to Successful Article Marketing

Entrepreneurs are always looking for cheap ways to market their brand. Well you can not get any cheaper then article marketing! Article marketing is a subtle way companies can gain exposure for their business by writing articles that provide information about news and trends occurring within their industries. It is a cost effective form of promoting your products and services because it does not require you to spend money and it enables you to build a relationship with your readers. Companies… Continue

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New This Month on From A Writers POV

I hope that you will be celebrating with us this month. We have published 20 issues of From A Writers POV!!!!

In honor of the 20 Celebrations, we are running an event this month. "The Best Synopsis" Each week this month, we will feature a new writer and their synopsis. YOU get the opportunity to vote for each writer. Your votes will determine the winner at the end of the month.

This Week we are featuring: Cynthia Brooks. Vote for her synopsis here:… Continue

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Looking for Monthly Article Writers on Various Topics

From A Writers POV is looking to sign up articles writers for our magazine. We are looking for dedicated writers to become apart of our POV family to submit articles on various topics.. If you are interested in submitting articles please read our guidelines carefully here.

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Advertise your Event!

Do you have a book signing, release party, speaking engagement or some type of event coming up? If so, From A Writers POV wants to do an interview & ad with you about your event. This feature is only $10 for your ad & interview. Your ad & interview will be on our magazine for one full edition for the month you choose. You must have an event going on in the month you choose.…


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PiPe DrEaMs

S-H-E-M-A Gurls Blog Times

Smile…It’s The Sweetest Emotion

~ You’ll never amount to anything!

~ That idea is silly!

~ Do you really think YOUR capable of that?

Blessings and Great success to all….Where do I begin to tell the story…So many stories so many times, It was when I moved to Cleveland, Ohio and my children were told not to come to live with me because I wouldn’t become nothing of importance,yet they did not know the LOVE my children had… Continue

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Have you secured your computer? I secured my computer after having to face so may challenges. It was November 2007, I realized learning how to use the computer to promote my business online wasn’t the only challenges I had to face. Has your computer ever froze up? Have you had someone to steal your information online or overcharge you for service that was unsatisfactory?

Are you still facing these types of challenges? Mr. Marvin Fredlaw,… Continue

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Find out how to earn points just for joining and inviting Black people to shop, network and socialize.

Have you heard of the Ebony experiment? A Black couple has dedicated the next year to try to spend with Black businesses as much as possible. They have a sign outside of their home that is a rolling total of dollars they have spent with Black businesses. I think that is a wonderful idea and a stellar effort. Now if we could just get 39,999,998 other Black people to do the same.

Did you know that there are only a few completely Black owned and operated networking sites online today?… Continue

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We are looking for article writers! Contact us about it today!

My magazine From A Writers POV is looking for article writers. We are looking for writers that give tips and advice for writers and authors as well as business owners.

If you would like to submit an article today and have you and your article be featured in an interview on our blog, The POV Lounge, check out more details here:

We look forward to hearing… Continue

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Etiquette and Ethics – How Do They Compare In Your Social Networking?

I have for some time been studying the conversations on some of the social networks I belong to and have noticed the buzz about building relationships first when you are joining these social media for business.

That is so true and great advice yet what I see is that some people do not stop to think about whether their relationship building is ethical and with the proper etiquette.

So my question is – How far will you go to build a relationship to benefit your… Continue

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