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In what ways do you bring Joy into people's lives?

I am working on a project now that I'm at school that could possibly be part of a documentary. I want to focus on the good things that are happening that puts a smile on someone's face when one goes the extra mile. I am volunteering this summer at homeless shelters and other ways to give back to the community besides staying at home and just praying 4 people. It's time to put love in action! How about you--what have you done or what is it you know you should do to be JOY and bring the love of… Continue

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Attention Business & Nonprofit Owners:

Whether you are just starting your business/nonprofit or a season owner, I would like to invite you to attend the Maryland Chapter of…


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Designer Bags for sale! COACH, GUCCI, ED HARDY

Just in time for your bright pretty sundress!!! Coach, this one's yours for only $60...It retails for $195...There's more and they are selling FAST..Inbox me your email address if you'd like to see the pics of everything that I have left...Coach, Ed Hardy belts, Coach Wallets, Wristlets, His/Her watch sets, mens watch etc...I Will Ship for an additional $3. UNHEARD OF… Continue

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Motivational Quote of the Week- May 31

Motivational quotes to inspire you.

"The mathematics of high achievement--

Begin with a dream.

Divide the problems and conquer them one by one.

Multiply the exciting possibilities in your mind.

Subtract all the negative thoughts to get started.

Add enthusiasm and determination.

And the result will be attainment of your…


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A Little Song & Dance Goes a Long Way

We get this a lot. Maybe you can identify.

One of us from Idea Cafe is at a family party or meeting with people we want to work with. And it never fails -- just as we pop a yummy dessert tray cookie in our mouth, some innocent soul says, "So, what do you do? What's Idea Cafe?" All of a sudden we're on the spot. We've only got a minute or so (tops!) to introduce Idea Cafe and get them interested in the concept. Some Net-naive family…


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Find New Customers from Old Ones ..Start a Customer Referral Program!

We all know the saying, "It's who you know!" when it comes to finding most jobs. The same principle applies to finding new customers for your business. Current customers and employees are terrific resources for cultivating potential new customers.

Referrals are the backbone for many salespeople and can boost the clientele of any small business. Whether you're a one-person operation or a business with many employees, encouraging your current clients and employees for referrals…


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Hey Guys,

I just wanted to drop a few lines to let you know that i'm about to change the way on conduct business! I'm taking it up to the NEXT LEVEL and I ENCOURAGE YOU TO DO THE SAME! It is sooooo important for us as business owners to be able to effecively communicate with our team members and business partners!

Let's begin to change the way we communicate....let's be more personable, after all it wasn't your opportunity that attracted your partners to was YOU!!!… Continue

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You will reap the fruits of your faith when you least expect it. It will seem like it came all of a sudden, but you and I know that that will not be true.

So hold on and keep pursuing your desired goal. The fact that you have the desire and goal is the very guide that the Universe has set in your heart.

When all forces meet at the intersection of syncronicity we will witness the perfection of the…


Added by Gershonah c whitley on May 31, 2010 at 12:27am — No Comments A Unique High Class Custom T-Shirt Boutique.

T-Shirts Made with CRYSTALLIZED™ Swarovski Crystal Elements. Perfect for Business Marketing.

Free Shipping in the USA. We Ship Worldwide. Sizes Small - 4X…


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DGT Sassy an on-line boutique that caters 2 women of all persuasions! Selling Sassy Garments 2 Sassy Women! Visit DGT @

DGT Sassy an on-line boutique that caters 2 women of all persuasions! Selling Sassy Garments 2 Sassy Women! Visit DGT @


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Make a mark on my Guestbook!!!!!!

Hello Ladies...More items are available for viewing. Also, please go on by and make your mark on GUESTBOOK! THANKS!!!!!

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My Glory Hair Care Products

My Glory Hair Care Products…


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Spring and Summer Mineral Eye Shadows

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. Make them light up and stand out, with these beautiful spring and summer colors.…


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Product Review: Soild Perfume Essences!

Imagine sweet cream from Normandy; warm amber for Cote de Ivoire; Caribbean ginger and Hawaiian tuberose. Exquisite flowers, resins, perfumes and spices from around the globe; essences that could only be described as blessings and extraordinary gifts...

Soul Purpose…


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Author Drawing!

The "Literary Page Turner" Book Club is having a drawing, and your published book can be picked as the winner to be read! We are inviting authors to submit their book into our Book Club's drawing that will take place from May 25th to July 27th. Once the drawing ends, the winner will be announced, and the author, whose book gets picked, will get read as part of an interview we will do with the author in September. More details here:…


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Seeking Business Women to Interview On Radio!

Greetings everyone!

I'm seeking Successful Business Women to interview on my show, Successful Woman Radio. Successful Woman Radio is all about women who are fulfilling their dreams, helping one another, tools and resources that can help you start or grow your business and tips to live a… Continue

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(GLENDALE, AZ.) Juniques Marketing, a marketing and promotion company, headquarted in Glendale, AZ announces that CS Group, Small Business Consultative organization, headquarted in Charleston, SC.,has been selected to add to their CS Group membership benefits , The Juniques Marketing Deductible Payment Service (JMDPS).

Definitely, having insurance is a plus. Most insurance providers require that a deductible… Continue

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Pants Need Not Apply!!!

BE FASHION - A feminine-inspired online clothing boutique with one only rule- no pants allowed.

New York, NY - September, 3, 2009 – BE FASHION is a women's online clothing boutique that launched in the spring of 2009. After being directly affected by the turbulent economy and having to explore…


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Summer Must Have Beauty Products

Get Excited! Get Excited! Summer is around the corner, have you thought about how you are going to take care of your skin during the summer months. Here’s a list of must have summer beauty products to add to your regimen:

Cleansers, Toner, Moisturizer, Exfoliator and Shea Butter…


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