May 2014 Blog Posts (10)

(live chat + movie night) Single Christian Women Relationships & Challenges Today

BBWO Member Afi Pittman invites you to join:

Let's Talk About It Live Chat

Thursday June 12th, 2014 at 7pm EST

Ladies, it’s time to talk about all those things that are keeping you single… You know…those things that your churches and…


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What is a Blog??

Blogs Explained by Steven Veleudos

It seems like Blogs are everywhere these days. You can't seem to surf

the Internet without seeing the word Blog somewhere. The intent of this

article is to explain the basics what a Blog is and how you can use them

to help promote your business and gain valuable information quicker

that surfing the Internet.

The word Blog is short for web log. Basically a Blog is just an area set

aside you to write articles…


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So You're a One Woman Sales Team? Generate Leads the Old Fashioned Way!

How many business cards do you use per month? 50? 60? How many face to face, meet and greet sales calls do you make per month? 10? 20?

If you are an entrepreneur and you are your own sales team, at the very least you should be meeting and exchanging business cards with at least 15-20 people per day!  At that rate you'll visit and get the word out about your business to at least 100 people per week, 400 people per month, 4800 people per year!  The law of percentages says you'll get…


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"Somebody Else's Baby" - The Stage Play

Somebody Else’s Baby is the stage play adaptation of the Diane Martin novel of the same name. This stage production reveals the demise of humanity and indicts a community whose silence has killed more children than bullets. This story is a disturbing and emotional diary…


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Transitions: GirlfriendConnect 2014 Retreat and Conference

This sponsored invitation is brought to you by Kim E, GFC Founder and host of the GirlfriendConnect 2014 Retreat and Conference “Transitions: Navigating Change and Embracing Life” October 8 - 12, 2014 on the beautiful paradise Island of Bermuda. For full details visit…


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Happy Mothers Day - Attention All Mom's Let Us Help You Protect Your Children

Attention All Moms - This Mothers Day let us help you protect your children under 18 with our exclusive Safeguard for Minors Progam visit…


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(next call) Quickest 5 Ways to Boost Your Business Income

How lovely it would be for business owners if every day was like Black Friday, because its essentially one of those magical days when you can tap into a serious income boost!

If you would like to hear my 5 favorite ways to generate quick bursts of income within my online business, I hope you join our next next Jumpstart Your Business…


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Sisters Under The Feathers: Today's Black Pinup Girls & Burlesque Dancers #9

Meet May's Sister Under The Feathers Afro Pinup & learn about the wonders of being a smart & savvy chronicler of all things pinup & then buy yourself something pretty!…


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A chance to promote yourself...

On July 26th, 2014, we will be putting on a play, entitled, "Somebody Else's Baby" at the Carver Military Academy, 13100 S. Doty…

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Casting Call...


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