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The Search Was Worth It

Greetings All,

I wanted to take the time and share something with you. On Tuesday July 29, 2008 after searching for almost a year, I had finally gotten the opportunity in speaking to Dr. Evelyn Bethune, Mary McLeod Bethune's Granddaughter, my cousin, on Wednesday evening July 30, 2008 and I must say what a great opportunity for me and my family to finally be able to make this connection and how important it is for our history and for where we will be lead towards in the now and the… Continue

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Zanira’s Quote of the Day – 30 days of positive reinforcement

Experts say it takes 30 days to change a negative behavior to a positive behavior. With that in mind I will be posting a positive quote of the day for the next 30 days. I hope all of you will find a quote that pushes you forward in your goal towards business success. Stay tuned.......Zanira Says SMILE

Day 11

"You become successful by helping others become successful."…


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"Tug Of War: Whose Man Is HE Really?" Is ready to order beofre prices go up on amazon!!!


This book is inspired by "the black man's guide on how to cheat on your woman". We know that men cheat. What we need to know is why the mistress is willing to be second best. Men play the game well, but they've learned from the best; Women! Learn about the types of men and mistresses, all the way to how to repair your relationship. Reading this… Continue

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Sin City

Mountain peaks reach the tip of the atmosphere

Sky lines of glory

Precious stones

Scorching summer breezes

Cool nights

Luminous lights

Constant chatter

Interchangeable space

There is more to Las Vegas…

I love this city but in all honesty she has done absolutely nothing for me and you know what; I never expected her to. I knew it was up to me, ya dig? It was by being here that I was pushed to… Continue

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What is it that you want?

You approached me and you acted as if you knew who I was

So that led me to assume that you must know who you are

But is it really safe for me to guess that?

Should I trust your word when my soul tells me different?

“Wow, now that’s a woman.” you said.

You said that like you saw what was within me.

You said that like you knew I was a Queen

But did you really look?

And if you did, what did you see?

Because if you actually saw what was inside of… Continue

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Suitable Cure

What will you do when the high no longer numbs you and it’s just you and your thoughts?

You say that you are strong and full of might but without that artificial fix, your mind just doesn’t feel right.

Your psyche tells you to do things that make you seem insane.

There are voices lingering in your head calling you by name.

What will you do when the substance doesn’t elevate you like it used to?

What will take place when that closet weakness… Continue

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Hey there young girl

Hey there young girl…

Let me holler at you for a second

I have noticed you walking down the block several times and the way you sway caused to me to think of these questions that I want to ask

It will only take a minute because I can see that you are moving pretty fast

Is your mother in your life?

And if so, what is she like?

Does she walk with her head up with her eyes on a particular sight?

Does she swear and curse… Continue

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I am...

I am…

I imagine, I dream, I create, and I participate.

I birth words of wisdom, fun, grief, and sometimes comedy

I can generate and initiate any emotion within any literate individual

I am an instigator, I am an actor, I am a producer and I am a director

I am all-knowing; I am aware of the beginning and the end

I am a visionary, I am an observer and I am a witness

I am the judge and I am the jury; I am the decider

The world cannot function and… Continue

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Donde esta mi Rey? (Where is my king?)

I was just wondering if you know where my king is…

I thought I ran into him some time ago but it turned out to be a fabrication of the Truth

I feel like I might have to give up because time is being deducted from my youth

Let me explain to you what he is like and you can tell me if you have seen him

He stands tall like a great redwood and he walks with a natural lean

His eyes are precious jewels; they sparkle with a glorious gleam

His skin is as smooth and… Continue

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Business Lessons From Rockstar Celebrity Obama

Hello Sistapreneurs!

McCains newest goofy ad inspired me to share some awesome marketing information on my blog. Please take a moment to read over the post on I think that you will find much of the information very helpful.



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Going Through The Awkward Stage

Recently, I spoke, with a client, who is struggling getting into a new venture she has begun. Although, she is enthusiastic about it, and has been working with it for a while, every time she hits a rough, patch, she puts the entire endeavor on the shelf, and goes on to do something she has no real passion for. When I asked her why she keeps doing that, she said, because it doesn't take any real energy to to do this other project, "...And I don't feel like an idiot". She feels comfortable, in… Continue

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Going Up?

Some elevators are equipped with a porter that asks you upon entering, on the ground floor, what floor? And you tell him/her what floor you need to go to, and they press the button and the elevator lifts you upward to that floor. Other times we may enter an empty elevator, and have to press the button ourselves to take us to the floor we want to go. And then there are those times, when you enter the elevator and someone just happens to be standing the closest to the buttons, and is polite… Continue

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The Perfect KISS

"Decide upon your major definite purpose in life and then organize all your activities around it." Brian Tracy

A 'Keep It Simple System', that's perfect.

A week ago my mother had her 86th birthday. My youngest son, always likes to invite a few of his friends to his family members birthday's. These are young people, a couple of years out of college, and one just completed his tour of duty with the US Army. All of them are trying to move in the direction of some… Continue

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Take Care Of The Possible

My son came to me this morning and asked me did my mother tell me the story about Junior. I said, I don't recall it. He said, its funny, ask her to tell you. My mother kept a lot of the good stories, for my children it seems, maybe because when I was young, like most children, at some point I stopped listening to my parents stories, and instead would be more interested in what the kids were doing outside the living room window.

So I asked her about the story she told my son, and when… Continue

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Howard Hewett SPECIAL GUEST!!

If you missed my listener appreciation show on Wednesday, July 30, feel free to check out the archive download. It was a celebration to be remembered! Callers had an opportunity to get up close and personal with Howard, and it was soooooooo much fun. Go to and check out the archive as well as great upcoming show topics!

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Divorce Court's Judge Lynn Toler Does A Guest Post on Black and Married With Kids Blog!

Judge Lynn Toler, the host of TV's Divorce Court provides a guest post on the blog Black and Married With Kids that focuses on balancing work, parenting and marriage. You can check it out here: is a blog that deals with marriage, parenting and everyday life. It has recently been nominated for two black web awards under the categories of "Best… Continue

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For a very brief period of my life I use to surround myself with millionaires or people who thought they were millionaires. One thing I noticed in that journey was that they were not healthy at all. I remember being told that an associate could not meet with us because he was taken to the hospital after having a heart attack. Although this was a very wealthy man it did not stop him from getting sick. I don't understand why things like steak, lobster,… Continue

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Today's big question is "Should Our Children be born with Silver spoons in there mouths?" The answer is "Absolutely". Gold or Platinum is even better. As mentioned in our first blog it is the obligation (as parents and guardians) we have in sustaining our cultural heritage, and investing all our talents wisely. Scriptures tells us throughout that we are to be prosperous an wealthy in silver, gold, and land. We must ask ourselves especially for our… Continue

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MLM Education-Are You Ready To Own Your Life?

When it comes to mlm education, my friend and mentor Michael Dlouhy, author of the ebook "Success in 10 Steps", is someone to pay attention to.

He has a special invitation I wanted to share with you. If you accept it, you can change your life!

I wish you success in all you do!

Monique Hawkins

540-858-2885 anytime

Skype: Monique371

Hello… Continue

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