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Get Ahead - Live Well

Brought to you by Diane Williams, Silver Manager 9808,

Brought to you by Diane Williams, Silver Manager 9808,… Continue

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$100.00 OFF


September 13, 2008

10:00am - 10:00pm



You do not want to miss the History in the making Event.

Fun & Excitement for the entire family

Hair & Fashion Expo

2008 Custom Car Show (High Roller Classics)

Celebrity Guest Appearance the entire day.

Get all the details at:

EXPECTING 35,000+… Continue

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A "Prescription for Peace" Tee by Gold Saturn...Soooo CUTE!

Check out my tips on wearing this tee from morning to evening. Maybe now it's time to add some creativity to your wardrobe while making a statement. And what better statement, right?

Check out what designer David Jon Acosta had to say about this tee on Diary of a Personal… Continue

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Oprah pledges $1 million to youth scholarships in Whitesboro - My Hometown

MIDDLE TOWNSHIP - She didn't give everybody a car, but talk-show host Oprah Winfrey did pledge $1 million to an educational scholarship fund for the community's youth during a visit to Whitesboro on Saturday. Winfrey, fresh from the Democratic National Convention in Colorado, breezed into town wearing a long, yellow dress, with boyfriend Stedman Graham, a Whitesboro native, by her side. She was the keynote speaker at the 20th reunion sponsored by Concerned Citizens of… Continue

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10 Email Marketing Tips From Arlena The ePublicist

Greetings Family,

(Contact Information At The Bottom Of The Page)

As a Digital Drummer, I'm always looking for something good to put on this virtual drum

Arlena Richardson, is a relatively new friend, I met on We Are Creative People (see I've watched this sister selfishly put out positive, proactive and empowering information for the last year.

She exemplifies what social networking is all about; sharing, supporting, and… Continue

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Tips for the Successful Link Building

At first I want to tell you something about link building basics. Link building is about getting inbound links to your website also known as link popularity building and it is one of the most important aspects when evaluating the quality of a website. Our intention is always to get more visibility and traffic to our website through these links. It is a part of offpage search engine optimization( SEO) and you have to do it, when onpage optimization is done correctly.

With link… Continue

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Why GoChi?

GoChi™ delivers at least 30 percent more Lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBP) than Himalayan Goji® Juice. We were able to increase the polysaccharides in GoChi due to our improved proprietary manufacturing processes. GoChi also contains 20 percent fewer calories and 1 gram less of total natural sugars per ounce than Himalayan Goji Juice. GoChi was developed as a direct result of FreeLife’s worldwide research efforts. It contains all the… Continue

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I Hate Writing Articles - There Must Be A Better Way?!

If you own, run or maintain an Internet business, you probably need articles to provide you with content for your website. Users are always looking for information and if your site can provide that information, you’ll drive more traffic to your site, boosting business for you.

Articles provide many benefits, but perhaps the most important thing they do is to place your site high in page rankings for search engines. This happens because your articles have keywords in them that are… Continue

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Online Marketing for Beginners: 5 Ways to Promote your Web Site Without Pinching your Pocket

Increasing the visibility of your web site starts from getting a top listing in search engines which in turn increased traffic to your site which results in increase in sales.

Here I shall outline 5 methods of increasing traffic and promoting your web site site without costing the earth.

Create good content: On the internet Content is the king Create high quality content on something you have enough expertise on. It might be a niche are like candle making or opening a wine… Continue

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Sage Jewels available online

I am pleased to announce the opening of my first online store for Sage Jewels. I am on

Please stop by and visit my site.


Lisa Marie Glover

Added by Lisa Marie Glover on August 29, 2008 at 9:30pm — No Comments

Staying Motivated

Do you work at home? Do you have a job in addition to your business that you are trying to get off the ground? Is your business having a mid-life crisis?

Read the rest HERE.

CeeCee Woolard

Dry Skin? Eczema? Try our Megamix Whip!

new signups receive $3.00. Use code HAPPY2006…


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Crochet Is a Great Staycationing Hobby

With fuel and airfare costs remaining at high levels, many people are choosing to "staycation" instead of travel out of town. Staycationers choose to vacation at home or at local hotels. They look for local activities to explore, local restaurants to try, and they turn off the email, phones, etc. just like on a vacation away from home.

If you plan to take a staycation holiday this year, don't forget to plan your staycation crochet projects just like you would if you were going away.… Continue

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The Obama Ladies at the DNC

As you may or may not know, I am an avid Obama supporter. I've been following his campaign since he announced that he would run. I haven't been this passionate about presidency since the Clinton years. Yup, I loved me some Bill Clinton! LOL. I watched the DNC last night and loved the speech he gave. It was so inspirational! I think a tear almost came down during the speech. It was just an amazing event with all…

Added by Belle Cheveux on August 29, 2008 at 3:58pm — 6 Comments

Synergy, Passion, Beauty: The SpeakHers' Notes Sept 2008 now Available


Download your copy of the 2008 issue of The SpeakHers' Notes. Get to know the Featured Motivational Speaker this month...She is Phenomenal! Congratulations are in order!!!...Guess Who?

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Entertainers Needed

The Talent Store is looking for new entertainers...…

Added by Carrie Williams on August 29, 2008 at 3:21pm — 1 Comment

He's Innocent Until Proven Guilty

One thing that is very precious to a woman is her trust. Trust is not something that most women hand out regularly or easily by any means. Men want nothing more than for a woman to trust him. When a man with good intentions senses that his lady trusts him it can make him more trustworthy. He wants his woman to be proud of him for his efforts and his integrity. Trusting him provides a great sense of security for him just as it does for her.

Trust with most anyone is difficult to… Continue

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What's In a NAME?

(a healing poem)

I said, “I don’t really know her.”

Truth is, I’ve known her too well.

As we’ve spent all of our life together, occupying the same human shell.

Abused and confused, not understanding what was wrong.

Because it persisted for such a long time;

Its power had become too strong.

Neglected, rejected, abandoned and let down,

By those who were to love me and always be around.

This healing search began long ago; but, would… Continue

Added by Debra P. Declouet on August 29, 2008 at 1:02am — 2 Comments

“Power of 10 Gaining Empowerment in 10 minutes, 10 words, 10 people”

“Power of 10 Gaining Empowerment in 10 minutes, 10 words, 10 people”

is a powerful tool that will cause senior executives, middle management or anyone in a leadership capacity to evaluate how they are procuring the American dream of success. Mrs. Spence declares that the necessity to review the corporate road to success, will prevent a premature headstone with no meaning for the “dash” that separates the beginning from the end. With more then 17 years of corporate management… Continue

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Networking Together - Making it Real

Networking Together - Making It Real

We have so many avenues of technology available to us. We have free avenues to promote our books, businesses and express our inner thoughts.

I am rather green to the whole social network "ring". I enjoy networking and working with others to help promote one another. It's through relationships that are businesses will grow and make the necessary contacts to take our business to the next level.

Join me on Twitter… Continue

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Do's and don'ts of Marketing Materials- Impress your clients!

Written by Jublee Jones; Jubilee is a Graphic Designer and Project Coordinator for Allure Design Graphics.

In today's world image means alot. The way we present ourselves to potential clients and contacts can make or break our businesses. To many times I have seen great businesses suffer sales because of poorly designed and printed advertisements and products. Here are some tips to make sure your ads are… Continue

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