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What is a Blog and WhyShould You Have One?

A blog is a short-cut name for a web log. Some people use blogs as a website because of it's flexibility and especially if you are a newbie. Blogs require no html knowledge so it is becoming to be a very essential tools for professionals in the business world. It used to be known only as an online journal where angst-ridden teens vent out their daily rants and raves. Voyeurism became the fad. No one started to become “someone” through blogging. No talent scout needed, no silver spoon in one's… Continue

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BBWO Today (New Group: Body Magic Business Women)

Hello BBWO!

Here is the buzz on the network today...

We have a new group for all the Body Magic Business Women on BBWO. URL:

Featured Article: 3 Network Marketing Mistakes to Avoid:…


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3 Network Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

As the creator of Black Business Women Online, I'm like a network marketers dream! With almost 10,000 members (many of which are into network marketing) my inbox is always overflowing with messages about Avon products, Body Magic, Life Compass and everything in between. Having spent years perfecting my own marketing techniques and watching the strategies of others, I'd like to share 3 Network Marketing Mistakes that you should absolutely,… Continue

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Hay Sista's !

How are you Thank You for the invite!

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The Bottom Line: Finding Work

Get complimentary access to the Building Intelligence section of the Building Industry Resources site.

The news is reporting it, and if you do a little research, you will find signs: the economy seems to be in an upturn, albeit ever so subtly. With the amount of information that comes our way daily, it may be difficult to find the projects relevant to our targeted segments and markets of the… Continue

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The Network Where Black Books and Black Authors Connect

I've been working on the Black Writers Connect Social Network (, and we are quickly approaching the 1000 member mark. I just wanted to highlight a couple of interesting things that Black Authors and Writers can do on the network:

  1. Post Your Events: Book Tours, Book Signings, Fairs, Speaking Engagements, etc.
  2. Promote Your Book as a Featured Book on Black Writers Connect
  3. Chat Writing and…

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Images of Black Women Film Festival Vacancies

These are exciting times at IBW. If you have a passion for what we do and want to play a central role in shaping the UK's only Film Festival dedicated to African Descent Women in Cinema, bringing work by Black Women as well as work about Black Women to the widest possible audience, then read on.


Job title: Freelance Fundraiser

Organisation: Images of Black Women Film… Continue

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Click here and Let this song touch you

Every once an while, I hear a song, that just moves me.

I can not explain why and would not even try to.

I know on some mental/emotional/spiritual level I do not have to analyze

it is meant for me.

May you enjoy this selection as much as I do

Networkingly… Continue

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Women's Empowerment: Reignite your vision for life

Got a great idea but you can't seem to get started? You need motivation!

Motivate- The term motivate means a motive to; be the motive of 2. stimulate the interest of American century Dictionary

How can you discover a motive to succeed? What can stimulate your interest to pursue your dream?

When I think back on ways I got self motivated when I felt in a slump and just couldn't get started it boils down to one thing for me...

Re-igniting my… Continue

Added by Robin Tramble on September 30, 2009 at 12:48am — 1 Comment

Become a Mentor! Find a Mentor!

Join Business Mentorship and find a mentor or become a mentor in your business field. We are looking for people who are willing to share info and help other people in their business field. This is non-profit! We are looking for people who LOVE to inspire others no matter what your business is!

The best way to get ahead in life is to inspire others and give more than you take! Join our group today and post info on how you can help… Continue

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ALIVE Magazine - 'All Things Pink'

October is breast cancer awareness month - the team at ALIVE is putting the finishing touches on the October issue. We are adding an 'All Things Pink' page to our site. If you have a product or service that encourages breast cancer awareness please message email us at for information on how to add your information to our page - ** complimentary advertisement **

ALIVE Magazine
Empower. Inspire. Connect.

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Connect with ALIVE Magazine!

ALIVE Magazine wants to connect with you on Facebook and Twitter. Send us a Facebook Friend Request - and we will accept. Follow us on Twitter at

ALIVE Magazine
Empower. Inspire. Connect.

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Are you a woman entrepreneur (or aspire to be) and need help getting started?

It's been a wonderful Summer and I can't express enough

my gratitude for all of the support and words of affirmation

that I received over the course of the summer and this year

for that matter.

I've had this question asked by many women and it is simply

how do I get started? Or how do I continue even when it seems like nothing's happening?

I've been sharing about the army of empowered women that I'm building, are you ready to join the… Continue

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$50 Bios

Hello all! For a limited time, I'm offering personal/professional bios for $50. If you're interested, contact me at

Have a blessed week!


Added by Jamie Fleming-Dixon on September 29, 2009 at 4:48pm — No Comments

The Audacity of Passion

Hi Everyone, I wanted to share the recordings from the Global Coaching Conference. I am in the 6am slot

How is your audacity of passion, shaping your future?

Live YOUR Passion


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The Beauty of Color

The world's most unforgettable beauties are women who fall outside the narrow definition of trying to conform to a "type." These women make a journey into discovering who they are and embrace the very traits that set them apart. Their beauty is a glorious reflection of being comfortable in their own skin.

Unfotunately we are a society that follows trends and allows others to define beauty for us.

Women have been expected to imitate the trends of "beauty" throughout… Continue

Added by Latesha Pryer on September 28, 2009 at 11:52pm — 1 Comment

My Sistas' Voices

" We come from all different ethnic, cultural, and spiritual traditions. We are immigrants, some of us. We are beauties, inner and outer. We are heriones. We are winners, every one of us. We are the present. And make no mistake we are the future." -Iris Jacob

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College Scholarships for Single Black Mothers and Working Moms

Originally written for Mahogany Momma Magazine

If you are interested in finishing High School or getting your GED you can find programs that offer free training courses to pass your High School Equivalency Exam. Go to your local Community College and find out if they provide such… Continue

Added by LaShanda Henry on September 28, 2009 at 11:03pm — No Comments

Your Beauty Specialist is here!!

I am an Independent Beauty Specialist for Mark! Please visist my eboutique and feel free to browse and shop!

Thanks for all your support!!

Added by Ms. RuLea L. Hunter on September 28, 2009 at 7:33pm — No Comments

le'vive Antioxidant Supplemental 26 fl OZ

LeVive Antioxidant Supplemental 26 fl OZ. LeVive is an Exotic Fruit Drink. Ardyss LeVive's exclusive Powerful Formula Brings together the worlds most Powerful 5 ( Five greatest fruits 1. Mangosteen 2. Goji 3. Noni 4. Acai Berry and Pomegranate these 5 Blended together offer an un-surpassable support to the body due to the fact that they have high level of Antioxidants that the humane body needs Dosage of the LeVive is as Follows along with you Body… Continue

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