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Respond vs. React: How to Turn Your Challenges into Opportunities – Part I

It happened.

Your heart is pounding,

Your palms are sweating

You’re stuttering and fumbling over your words

Your stomach starts to turn flips and you secretly wish the sky would fall so you have a valid excuse to end this situation – IMMEDIATELY.

No matter the level of your business – whether you are new or…


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Creating Legacy Projects


I’ve come to believe that legacy projects do a lot to fulfill you. They hold tremendous value. This is the kind of work that not only gives you a sense of satisfaction, but it’s valuable to others and it’ll outlast you once you’re gone. Legacy projects produce legacy work. Legacy work is great work. The kind of work that will push you out of bed 3 hours in advance of having to do it. Great work keeps you motivated because it’s revolutionary and it leads to…


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How are women like LaShanda Henry, Cameka Smith & Akilah Execumama Richards able to foster a global community of empowered women? Easy. they know when to call it QUITS.

There has been a incredible shift in the world around us.  From the Northeast hurricane, to many people stepping out on pure faith and starting new businesses, ending unhealthy relationships to even finally taking health seriously. We’re all being charged with “purging” something. In the midst of this though…doesn’t mean there are challenges or days when you simply want to “quit”.


::The client money isn’t coming in on time



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Author, Speaker, Educator Duo Katrina M. Harrell and Akilah S. Richards Host a Free, Live Dialogue on Eliminating Black Lack for Women Entrepreneurs

ATLANTA, GA — Katrina M. Harrell and Akilah S. Richards have a collective abundance of life and business anecdotes from their personal and professional experiences.  One common thread among their stories is the lack of harmony between sound business strategies and real emotional wellness.  

Frustrated with the…


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Simple Steps To Successful Email Open Rates

Some email campaigns can be a lot more successful than others. While this is typical, the more emails that are opened, the more qualified they are to becoming successful. This is because when readers are interested enough to actually read the email, the chances of taking action are much higher. It's not rocket science but the truth is, readers must be convinced if you want them to click on your link.

In a previous post, I discussed the importance of having a catchy subject line or…


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Broken #3 - to help those in pain due to abuse and addiction

Broken #3

DJs Unique Sound Charities

Sometimes it's impossible

To leave the past in the past

Sometimes it's impossible

To reach your deepest inner…


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The UGLY Truth + $1.24 billion in SBA loans + Boost Your Business (replays)

Happy Friday Ladies,

I have a few wonderful things to share with you today.

  • Bittersweet is up first... today is the last day of the Boost Your Business and Holiday Sales Teleconference. Click here to get call in details our 7pm session tonight and/or listen to the replays.
  • Wells Fargo…

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Announcing: Partnering for Valuable Entrepreneurial Training

The Savane Group has teamed with the National Business Women Enterprise Network (NBWEN) to provide valuable entrepreneurial training for our members. Below are courses scheduled for November. NBWEN has its own ticket type so be sure to use it!  These events are being hosted via EVENTBRITE and are now LIVE.

You Have Made the Decision to Live Life on…


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Developing Confident Children is a must in the 21st Century

Hello Community, Juniques Multi Cultural Connections suggest this ebook for a good read.

We definitely want our children to be confident!!!!


Although nobody gets a parenting manual or bible in the delivery room, it is our duty as parents…


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Speaking and Thinking Powerful Affirmation Can Make Your World So Much Better

Juniques Multi Cultural Connection  is pleased to share this ebook with you.

We are what we think. We are remember by what we do. may this book be of benefit to you!

Affirmations are a powerful ingredient in positive thinking. They are not statements that you wish

to be…


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48 Life Lessons for Achieving Your Goals

Learn 48 different lessons for accomplishing any goal that you desire and to help create your future life. Juniques Multi Cultural Connections endorse this video

click here to view video thank you

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Willie Crawford Shares with Juniques Multi Cultural Connections How to be Extremely Successful Affiliate

Hello Juniques Multi Cultural Community members.(

I found this interview with Willie Crawford,

foremost Affiliate Marketer, to be extremely interesting.

He shares an answer to a common everyday problem,

earning income on the internet even if you…


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Reminder: Boost Your Business & Holiday Sales: 5 Day TeleConference

I read something powerful this morning on Facebook, "Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow." Sometimes we feel like outside forces control the things that happen in our lives, but really it is how we react to obstacles that dictate whether we fail or succeed.

This week I have decided to host a 5 day, free to the public, TeleConference series "How to Boost Your Business & Holiday Sales." For the first call…


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SheWear Hair Care: A Better Way to Shop and Buy Hair

Sponsored post brought to you by Lina Williams, Independent Consultant


SheWear Hair Care

"A Better Way to Shop and Buy Hair"

Lina Williams, Independent Consultant

October 2012…


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Why Banks Don't Lend to Small Business Owners and Entrepreneurs? Why Banks Don't Lend to Small Business Owners and…


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PeopleWhoProsper Feature Entrepreneur: Shaneisha Dodson

This week's feature entrepreneur is Shaneisha Dodson. She is the founder of Mahogney Ink Publications L.L.C. and Black Girlz Productions L.L.C. Currently residing in Virginia, Shaneisha holds a bachelor's degree in psychology from Grambling State University, a master's degree in counseling from Dallas Baptist University, and is currently pursuing a doctorate in education. Shaneisha was…


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CROWDFUNDING: A Revolutionary New Alternative Funding for Small Businesses

Crowdfunding is alternative financing for small businesses

A revolutionary NEW source of funding to sweep across the internet in droves is crowdfunding! According to, $100 million USD was pledged in 2011 on the site www.Kickstarter.comalone, launching over 27,000 projects at a 46% success rate. Now that’s impressive!


When you are starting or growing a small business, it typically comes down to lack of resources to raise that much needed capital!…


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Embrace the Entrepreneur Within *updated

Have you ever thought about how much money you make for the company you work for? Have you ever considered how much less you are making than your boss who is no better qualified than you? Have you realized that you are working to make someone else wealthy? Every day you spend countless hours generating income for someone you probably don't know and for a business you definitely do not own. Unfortunately, in this economy no job is secure. So, where do you find the security? What does your…


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Happy Monday,  I am finishing up the seven (7) day challenge and I am focused and ignited to walk this thing out.  I am propped up in my bed foot in a boot with 3 pillows under and working to get through this transition more effectively and effciently..

Mrs Henry...has been significant force in helping me when everything is aching, motivating me when I think Im Tooo OLD or Tooo Tired, She sets the standard that lets us all know that if you get enough information and combine a focused…


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(today) Morning Power Talk + Boost Holiday Sales (calls all week)

Good Morning BBWO,


I will be hosting a week long "Boost Your Holiday Sales" series that you all can call into, but before I share the details I will share this profound quote I found on Facebook this morning, "Ask yourself if what you are doing today is getting you closer to where you want to be tomorrow."

Sometimes we…


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