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Breaking Free

WSW Lady of the Week

I met a lady and she has opened my eyes to a new world. Her name is not important right now, her story is amazing. She shared with me an emotional story of hurt, pain, suffering and abuse. But that is not the story that opened my eyes it’s the story that came after that. As a child she group up exposed to substance abuse, sexual, physical and verbal abuse. She was not able to fully enjoy the things as a child should… Continue

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What are we called to do?

Last night I watched an infant that was pulled out of rubble with breathe left in their body after all these days, a 70+ year old lady that had not perished after being pulled from literally the grave. What a mighty and wonderful God we serve. So why is it that we continue to tear on another apart, especially women (to be more specific the ones in the body of Christ). What are we called to do?

Proverbs 11:30: The fruit of the… Continue

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The Dream Realized!

This morning as I get ready to take the kids to the parade I read this speech and it made me realize how powerful and prophetic these words were! I am in tears thinking about the greatness of the Lord and how he has brought us from a mighty long way to think that I can have a site with all types of Women together hand and hand helping each other! I love it! May we never forget the words of those before us!

I am happy to… Continue

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Want to help girls ages 14-17? Got a few hours a week?

We will offer mentorship, tutoring and support in several areas. Currently I am taking applications for Women how want to dedicate about 2-3 hours online per week, maybe less depending on how you manage your time. If you create a Local Chapter you will have to also volunteer one day each month to have a chapter meeting or outing.

The current… Continue

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Divine Wellness: "The Way to Go"

WSW Lady of the Week

Kaysha Reid has a story that is remarkable to say the least. She has used a difficult health condition and transformed it into a testimonial and a motivation. She helps others cope by encouraging them to have overall wellness using biblical principals. In an interview with Major Change Magazine… Continue

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Get Noticed Now!

I wanted to share with my fellow networkers my new project. Recently, I have come in contact with several members of various sites and I have been asked time and time again where did you come from and how did you make such an impression so fast. Well I love people and I have always been a people person and every field that I have worked in has been catered around helping others, it’s a passion that I have. I spend a lot of time doing so, but I don’t mind because it’s fun. My fiancé asked me the… Continue

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Social Networks - "The Purpose" Part 2

I want to say thank you to all of you that responded to Part one of this post. I appreciated all of the comments whether they were good or bad, sweet or bitter. I welcome all suggestions, comments or critics because it brings awareness to the mindset of my valued readers.

This response is to clear the air and to make sure that I make my intentions known to all. The blog was intended to raise awareness not to attack anyone or their site. If I’m a member of your site then that means… Continue

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Social Networks, "The Purpose"

I have a few points to ponder as it concerns Social Networks! I had a conversation with a member of one of my Ning sites and we both were concerned about the growing number of Ning sites that are no more than a space full of faces and no activity. I’m a member of 40+ Ning sites and this doesn’t include the many other social networks that I’ve joined. I must admit that I use them all as a marketing tool, however I only joined sites that interest me, for instance I wouldn’t join a site for ladies… Continue

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Give me 40 Days! An Invitation!

Greeting BBWO Members

This is an invitation to join a group right here on BBWO! However it is based out of my site but I want to make this journey available to all! I don't want network membership to be an issue! I know you can't join every site, I myself had to set a limit (a member of 40 + ning sites looking to down size) but they all have their special place!

The link on this site is… Continue

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Win in 2010! It all starts with you.

2010 is the year for you to win! Win in your finances, your career, the business you have been hiding inside for years, in your family, and every area of your life. Today decide to do something different to get a different result. Who said change was going to be easy?

"Life's challenges are not suppose to paralyze you, they're suppose to help you discover who you are" ~Bernice Johnson Reagon

Let me be your guide to discover a new you!

Life Coach… Continue

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"Support and friendship at it's best"

WSW Lady of the Week

Regina is a sister with a passion for encouraging and building up others. As a member of several social networks, Regina prides herself in being active and connected with others. She is not in it for anything other than being a voice of support. She embodies the spirit of Women… Continue

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Got Support? Need Support?

Good Morning,

BBWO, this site is full of a diverse and wonderful group of ladies I want to invite you to a site where those that need support can get it. This will serve as a great addition to this site as I know as a Business Women I could not do without BBWO. Now you may feel you got it all together, and that’s great! How about your sister to the left and right of you, is there anything that you can do to encourage them? Whether you need motivation or you’re in need of motivation Women… Continue

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Next Year I'm Skipping Christmas!

To those that can’t resist logging in this morning, Merry Christmas and to those that read later, hope you had a Merry Christmas. Its here it’s here this day is finally here. Where the children can run in the front room and say Santa came, he came! Now how did I get here considering I did not put up a tree, for many different reasons and I decided that this year we would exchange a gift or two but nothing like last year or the years before. What… Continue

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WSW Lady of the Week!

Women Support Women’s Lady of the week is Dominique Watson.

Dominique is the Queen of multi-task. In a nutshell she is a multiple business owner, published author, and magazine editor/owner. This is truly a Lady of distinction!

Please join me in celebrating her many accomplishments and lift her up! Leave a comment, visit her site, join a site, or purchase a book or product!

At… Continue

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Season's Greeting for you or a Friend!

Happy Holidays

I would like to share an offer that I have for you or someone that you may feel is in need of Life Coaching Services. Please view the video at the bottom. This is a time sensitive offer and I want to help as many ladies as I can, I hope that you can support me in this endeavor.

Thank You,



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Have we Lost Jesus in the Feast?

T.D. Jakes message this morning hit me so hard that I said I must share it with you . This is what I got out of it:

Each year Jesus and his family traveled to Jerusalem for their annual feast. We now today know it as Christmas. Each year during the fest everyone partied, worshipped and participated in rituals. Now from ages 2-12 Jesus and his family traveled to Jerusalem for this great celebration and feast. Then at the age of 12, (the year that Jewish boys have their coming of age bar… Continue

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A Christmas Gift that Keeps on Giving!!

Are You Ready to Launch Your Life in a New Direction? Do you desire more self-confidence? Are you searching for your highest potential? Are you ready to get organized and motivated? Do you set goals but rarely keep them? Do you desire to find your true passion? Are you ready to create your destiny? New Direction Life Coaching for Women is for you! Start out 2010 in a New Direction designed by you!

End of the year scholarships and specials!!…


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Sister I Need You

Sister I need you!

Why do you turn your head and snicker when there’s tissue on my heel?

If it was you I would say:, “hey tissue on shoe”.

Why is it when you see me you see competition?

When I see you I see a friend, a team mate and a sister.

Why is it when I extend my hand, you take two steps back?

If you extend me yours I would embrace it, with all the love in my heart

Sister why can’t we be colored blind and not just stick to our own kind?

I love you… Continue

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What Are We Here For?

What are we here for? Is it just to live life day to day without purpose? What is our purpose?

Well our ultimate purpose is to magnify his name by being a living testimony to the glory that God has manifested in our lives. Some times you have to be creative to reach the masses. Everyone don’t know Jesus like I know Jesus. But maybe if they get to know me they’ll get to see the Jesus in me and want to learn more about what he has done in my life. The best advertisement for Jesus is… Continue

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2 Easy Ways for the Working Lady to save over $2,000 in 2010

Coffee/ Specialty Drinks

Do you really need a $4.00 cup of Joe every morning from the popular coffee shop (won’t name any names) on average you will be out of roughly $20.00a week/$80.00 a month/$960.00 a year

Eating Out for Lunch

What ever happened to taking leftovers or making a sandwich at home? On average, we spend around $5.50 a day eating out for lunch (most of the time more). On average you will be out… Continue

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