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I need more REFERRALS, Richelle

This is an email I received and I decided it is now time to show you how to do it yourself.


Tomorrow, I am presenting my 4 Step FORMULA to getting referrals - and it is more complicated than just asking.


I am going to start with the psychology of why they refer and my other 3 steps to put your referrals on Autopilot!


I built my Million dollar business with no money, no investors, no rich uncle...  by using the same skils that I am showing…


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The Easiest Ways to Get Referrals!

This month, the Month of Love, I’m going to show you how to put your customers to work for you and generate a massive number of new customers.  I’ll show you the surest way to get your customers to love you back with the most effective and profitable marketing and money making strategy ever—

Referral Marketing!

            And I’m going to lay out for you my 4-step Ultimate Referral Marketing Formula that will bring you the best type of customers possible.  I promise you,…


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Free Training on Building A Million Dollar Business - My 3 Secrets Revealed

Yesterday, I gave you 3 very deep, dark, and emotional secrets to influence, manipulate, and create “Fans” out of your customers to get them to follow your lead and give you money regardless of economy, price, circumstance, or even your win/loss record…

Certainly, since we are talking about You, we know you provide good quality and value and all of that good stuff.  But, at the end of the day, losing teams still have fans.  Shitty restaurants still have customers.  You want to be…


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New Rules for the New Economy

What used to work, is so far from working now. If you haven't found this out yet, just keep doing what you used to do for a while longer.

Tuesday, LaShanda and I are hosting a free webinar to feature sista's making money now and show you what is working now.

Join us? You don't want to miss it.

Business Women of Color is hosting a Marketing Webinar

next week Tuesday at 7pm est. There is no cost and it's in the evening, so

our 9-to-5 entrepreneurs can… Continue

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The FREE Internet Marketing Template

If you have been on the internet for over a week, you realize that there are a lot of pretenders out there.

Those who claim to be an internet marketer and what I discovered, is that they all basically steal their information from this guy. Mike Filsame.

His groundbreaking program, ButterFly Marketing is the template the others are using. Mike is giving away 5,000 for free.

I hurried and grabbed the 2.0 version for fun refresher course.

Loved… Continue

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When You Can't Cut Anymore? What Then?

I have watched business owners in this economy do some strange stuff. As many of you know, I am a member of WPO (Women President's Organization)- It is a national organization where you must have $2million in sales to join. We meet monthly to share tips, strategies and ideas in order to build our businesses. I would suggest you find a similar group in your local city. But, last week our meeting was filled with strategies to cut expenses.

Finally, after an hour I asked, When You Can't… Continue

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Target Market - I just need customers... wanna know why I disagree

Tomorrow, I plan to show why having a target market is far better than just taking anybody. AND, it is more essential when you are broke!

Come join me tomorrow for an interactive webinar.

Here is the sign up info:

Here's the FREE Webinar you asked for"

5 Quick Steps to Finding A Target Market

Join us for a Webinar on February 10

Space is limited.

Reserve your Webinar seat now… Continue

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Are you screwing up social media opportunities?

How are you screwing up social media opportunities???

Here are 2 emails that were sent to me when someone wanted to use social media to get sales. Here's the problem, we don't have a relationship yet. Arghhhh, I want to know lots of you, but I never get the chance because instead of reaching out and making long lasting friendships, you see this opportunity to be selfish and not think about how you can help me.

Before I bash, let me say that they did some things right.… Continue

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Marketing Plan?? What is supposed to go in it?

Believe it or not, I am not making this up – December is

National Write A Business Plan Month

Check it out here:

As an official business plan on a napkin girl, I hear the whiners now. If you do nothing else in December, why not prepare a Marketing Calendar for 2009. I’ve used one since 2002 and it was instrumental in re-building my million dollar business. The calendar took all of the guess work out of my… Continue

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Why this Economy is exactly what you need??!!

Why this economy is just what you need?

Being a winner takes practice and the only way to truly test your skills is to have some adversity.

I know I know you say but Richelle, did it have to be this bad. The answer is YES. My friend Debbi Somers and I chat about this often. A little background, Debbi owns Somers Furniture which has morphed from a convention rental company to events rental, custom furniture manufacturer for all of the hot spots in Vegas. Debbi's business… Continue

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The most important way to advertise during this economy

The most important way to advertise during this economy

Everybody is trying to steal recession proof your business but they are not giving you concrete things to do right now.

Here is the list.

1. Don’t stop marketing!

2. When you do buy advertising, make sure that you are using direct response techniques.

A brief example:

My new coaching client Stephanie participated in a “combo” special marketing program. First, Stephanie’s company… Continue

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Did you see me featured in Black Enterprise with Oprah?

Hey Sistas:

I had been dreaming of this day my whole life. I knew I wanted to own a business and I lusted after this magazine all the time. OK so I was told I would get the cover....but they decided to put an unknown on the cover (smile)

Tuesday, is the new Tele-Seminar only on BBWO where I detail what you can do right now in this economy to make money!

Oh yeah, and it is not just have the right mindset... I get… Continue

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