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Quit Playing and Get It Done

How many excuses can you come up with before you actually get work done? Excuses help pacify the fact that you aren't producing. It's time to stop making excuses for yourself and get the work done.

Just think of every excuse you make for yourself as a step further down the ladder of success. Who intentionally…


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4 Incredible Ways to Get More People To Notice You

Are you tired of going unnoticed? Are you ready for people to begin noticing you for all the great things you do? Follow these 4 simple steps!

1. Solve a problem. People need answers. When you become their go to gal you stay fresh on their minds when problems arise. People want others who have…


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Tips from FLOTUS on Leadership

Our First Lady Michelle Obama has done it again!  Every time she speaks she drops us knowledge to help us reflect our own way of thinking and actions! After watching the Democratic National Convention here is what I took away. 

"He believes when you work hard and you cross the door of opportunity, don't slam it! Don't close the door behind you! You REACH BACK and bring others up! @MichelleObama…


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Three Ways to Achieve Success IMMEDIATELY

1. Define your own success.

When it comes to success I find it interesting that people are always Googling how to make it big or how to makes loads of money. The only way to be successful under your own terms is to define success for yourself. What does it means to be successful? Does it mean a new position? A new salary? A nice car or a house is a fancy neighborhood? You cannot allow others to define success for you. 

2. Route your own success. 

You have…


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Finding Your Lost Motivation

What do you do to re-energize when your spirits are down and you've lost motivation? You've got to do something when your spirits are low? So what can you do besides mope around in misery? Try these tips below!

  1. Write out 5 things you want to achieve. 
  2. Next write out what difference will it make if you actually achieve this goal. 
  3. Is there a tangible picture that you can find of what your achieved goal looks like? Go online and print it out. Tape it in a visible…

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Does Your Business Have Standards?

Ever wonder how to incorporate your personal values into the way you work?

It's important to incorporate your personal values in the work you do. People connect to and respond with people and people leave bad managers not bad organizations or companies. With so many businesses lacking ethics and leaders facing worldwide criticims from poor leadership and management, leaders of organizations should incorporate their personal values into the work they do, especially entreprenuers! In…


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As a new leader, visionary or entrepreneur, your sphere of influence is your power circle. Influence is all about the people you connect with constantly. If you don't have one then you aren't leading. If you aren't sure whose in this circle you are leading the blind. The goal of all leaders should be to increase their circle and cater to the interests and needs of their circle of influence.

As a leader you should have a team who is dependent on your vision and leadership to guide…


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Accelerate Your Vision: Strategies for Success Free Teleseminar

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What is Killing Your Vision?

When you begin to plan your vision there will seem to be things that hinder you from pushing forward. Be aware of the vision killers!!
1. Tradition. Some people are accustomed to doing things a certain way. They feel like your vision goes against the grain and often times when people can't associate with your vision, they will ridicule it. Beware of the company you keep! Keep people around you who can support your vision and dreams. 
2. Fear of ridicule.…

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