5 Ways to Find People to Follow on Twitter

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As a business, organization, or even an individual user, Twitter has two purposes: To extend your brand or personality to more customers, prospects, and people, and to keep tabs on news, trends, and even a few fun tidbits. As a business, it’s easy to advertise your Twitter handle to current customers in order to grow your list of followers, but to derive the full value of the service, you’ll want to follow the right people and brands too. Here are five ways to find those “right” people:

  1. Click “Who to Follow”: When you log in to Twitter, there’s a link at the top of the page that says “Who to Follow.” Twitter gives suggestions based on those you currently follow, as well as way to import your contact list(s) to see if any of them have Twitter accounts. If you’re new to Twitter, the latter option is a great way to build a list of people to follow right out of the gate.
  2. Your followers’ followers: As new people follow you (or you start following a handle) take a look at the list of people and brands they follow to see if any of them pique your interest.
  3. Browse the lists: Twitter lets users group followers into lists of their own creation (e.g., photography experts, marketing gurus, food lovers, car enthusiasts, etc.), so when you view a person or brand’s profile, you can view lists they’re associated with, giving you a wealth of handles that might be interesting to follow. For instance, here’s a list of Twitter users that Constant Contact employees recommend.
  4. Keyword searches: Use Twitter's search engine to look for mentions of a keyword or phrase associated with your business or organization. Twitter will return a real-time list of results, letting you see who else is talking about what you’re interested in right at that very moment. Follow those that you find interesting.
  5. Watch hashtags: Similar to Twitter search, you can click on any hashtag (e.g., #CTCTSocial) to find those using it in tweets as way to find people talking about a topic of interest.

Remember, hitting the Follow button does not mean you’re committed to reading that person or company’s tweets for life. If you find you’re not getting value from what they offer, feel free to hit Unfollow at any time.


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