Are you screwing up social media opportunities?

How are you screwing up social media opportunities???

Here are 2 emails that were sent to me when someone wanted to use social media to get sales. Here's the problem, we don't have a relationship yet. Arghhhh, I want to know lots of you, but I never get the chance because instead of reaching out and making long lasting friendships, you see this opportunity to be selfish and not think about how you can help me.

Before I bash, let me say that they did some things right. Here’s what they did right … the top one has an offer and a deadline – love that!

But, I have no idea who is. Never bought from her before, don’t know why her name is daughternature… I want to buy but… I don’t trust her.

Headline: Holiday Wholesale Shopping - Your Wholesale Gift Store has sent you a message on Business Synergy Network

Hi Y'all!

We all know times are tough and as wholesalers we already save you over 50% off 365 days a year.

Until December 15th, we offer an additional 15% off on your purchases and we guarantee Christmas delivery if purchases are made no later than December 17th!

At Check out, use 15% off coupon code: BSN
Valid Until December 15, 2008

From our family to yours, we wish you a blessed and profitable 2009!
The ad was direct to the point and if I knew that I would actually get my merchandise on time, I might go and browse. BUT once again, we do not have a relationship yet. She probably made some sales but no where what should could have if she would have made sure that I felt comfortable with her first.

The Second Email....
Here is what I like about this one – she genuinely asks about me in the headline. SO I thought... The headline made me open the email but… The headline is not connected to the message. Now, she pissed me off. I am like – what??? a sales message? When you use this headline why not ask them to answer a survey, find out if they have any one who needs a cell phone and then the sales pitch. Don’t trick someone into opening the email.

Headline: Could Use Your Help

BT Beverly has sent you a message on iseecolor

Hi there, I hope you are having a fun filled day. I also hope that if you know of anyone who would like to get a f ree wireless cell phone, or a big discount on the most popular ones, have them go to my online store at .I appreciate you taking the time to read my email, and I wish you all the best life has to offer you.

SO I may be cursed for outing people using actually emails, but sometimes you can only get it if I actually show you.

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Comment by Marjorie Janczak on May 29, 2009 at 5:12pm
This is actually a big issue in social media.
I just posted my first blog on this network and it is a similar topic.
If only we will take the time to know people, the rewards will be very much enjoyable!
I love the way you consider their good sides and their bad sides.
Very balanced.
Great post!

Comment by Trina Newby on May 29, 2009 at 2:32am
Excellent Post! Seeking the sale, but not the relationship will get you no where!

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