Everyone wants a successful business but we all know that building that business takes money, we also know that when you are first starting out money is not always available, so sometimes you have to improvise.  One area in particular is advertising, every good business owner knows that in order for their business to be successful they have to advertise, but advertising can sometimes be expensive when you are getting your business off the ground and the money for advertising is just not there.  But with the following suggestions and tips you can start your business off in the right direction.

1.Social Media Sites – Social Media Sites are a quick and free way to get you and your business known to others.  Like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc., these social media sites allow you to start up free accounts and are viewed by millions all over the world. There are a lot more social media sites out there that are free you just have to search for them, but they are there.

2.Free Classified Sites – We all know that placing ads can be very expensive, so why not start out with sites that allow you to place free ads, such sites as,,,, just to name a few.

3. Video Advertising – Social Media Sites allow you to upload videos to add to your account.  This is the thing of the future video advertising, it really helps to bring you and your business exposure.

4. Affiliate Programs – Another way for you to bring money into your business is through affiliate programs, by placing their banners on your blog, website, etc., advertisers will pay you a commission when someone purchases from their site.  Advertisers such as Amazon, and EBay are a few of those company’s. What a way to make free money!

So as you can see there are a number of ways for you to get you and your business exposure, when you are on a tight budget. So don’t throw in the towel, just be patient and take advance of those free avenues that are being offered.


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