When you walk into your home, is there a place just for you - a space that has special personal items that you enjoy looking at ever so often? Even if you live alone, have you created a sacred place that you can go to and wind down from the challenges of the day?  If not, then it is time to create your space of peace.

Take a moment to walk around each room of your home. Start with the front of the house and  work your way to the back or up the stairs. Take in every window, corner, the furniture, the organization, the disarray;  take it all in and create a mental picture.  Now retrace your steps, but this time view the rooms with different eyes; eyes that envision the entire room or one of the corners of a room as your space - your space of peace.

Decorate your space of peace in a manner that brings you tranquility, perhaps a place where you can receive direct sunlight. There can be fresh flowers or a plant, a mini water feature, your favorite book(s), pictures, candles, or whatever takes you to that place of peace. Most importantly, remember to include a journal, writing utensils and highlighters. Exclude your computer, iPad, cell phone or anything item that would take away from you having peace of mind.

Now that you have created your space of peace in your home, how do you use it? Each day spend time in your space, starting with 15 minutes, and gradually increase the time you spend there. Before taking on the challenges of the day, you can sit there, meditate and create a positive thought that can carry you throughout the day. Or, at the end of a long day, you can cleanse your mind by writing in your journal, breathing in the aroma of a candle or flowers, listen to the sound of a waterfall or light music and get your mind at peace.

Creating your space of peace in your home provides you with a place where you can go when taking a trip is not an option. You have created this place just for you and it should be used daily. Even when you are not physically in your space, the vision is engrained in your mind for whenever you need to use it. Enjoy your space of peace.

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