Disgraceful Interview: Fox News Interviews President Obama and Keep Interrupting Him..Won't Let Him Get a Word In (Video)

I am so disgusted at what I am seeing and I want you to chime in. I want as many of you to chime in as you can, because I for one am tired of seeing my President, our President Barack Obama be blatantly disrespected in a way that no other President has been before. And in spite of all that, he still rises to each occasion with the grace, dignity, and professionalism that we should all mirror in all facets of our life. [video at bottom of this post]

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It's no secret that Fox News dislikes President Obama. In a somewhat contentious interview, President Obama sat down with Fox News to talk health care reform but spent much of the time being interrupted. Obama couldn't get a word in edgewise with Bret Baier's mouth going. Total disrespect and an embarassment.

"I'm trying to answer your questions and you keep on interrupting," Obama told Bret Baier.

Fox News' Bret Baier interrupted President Obama so many times during Wednesday's interview that Newsweek described the enounter as a "interrupt-a-thon."

Baier acknowledged his repeated interjections at the end of the interview, by interrupting the president once more to apologize. Baier told Obama "I apologize for interrupting you, sir. I tried to get the most for our buck here."

MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnell said that he could not recall a reporter ever questioning or interrupting an American president in such an aggressive way. Certainly, O'Donnell argued, Fox News never took that approach with former President George W. Bush.

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Comment by Income Concepts, LLC on March 22, 2010 at 6:09pm
In my humble opinion, Fox News is not news. In my opinion, it is more like a "conservative barf bag", filled to the brim with racism, hatred, ignorance and strife. Don't turn them on, write in your protests to their advertisers and don't buy their advertisers' products. This "reporter" should be fired.

It used to make me sad, feel bad and get mad when I encountered racist imbecilies. As strange as it sounds, I now get glad. If you have an enemy who you can CONSISTENTLY RELY UPON to underestimate you, your intelligence, your network, your resources, your fighting ability, your work ethic, your stamina, etc., etc., you can consistently defeat that opponent.
Comment by Nellie Tolbert Bennett on March 20, 2010 at 8:08pm
I agree the interviewer was rude, showed no respect for the President of The United States of America. Quite the norm for the people at Fox, they have shown their true color from the beginiing of President Obama election. They are soo obvious. They won't stop, so we as a people can't stop either standing up for the rights and respect of each other. The world needs to know and hear that there's more than one voice on the matter. We must continue to call them out, let them know we're here too.
Comment by Sandy Harrison on March 20, 2010 at 8:20am
"Why are they treating him this way?" someone asked. Because they haven't accepted the fact that he is President and it's about time he made it clear. We all love and appreciate our president for his dignity and professionalism, but it's about time he let the others know who he really is. First, of all, we as African Americans were taught to NEVER be this disrespectful. Even being able to be each neighbor's now, we still respect our elders and those of authority. So for starters, he has a home training problem... at his age. Secondly, he is the interviewer; a supervisor should have never allowed this and if it had happened, it should have been stopped immediately...I mean, this is The President. Then I wonder does this person have kids. If so, what message are you sending? You can talk to the president any way you choose? You can treat people of Color any way you choose... even though those days are over? It's ok to interrupt people when speaking? What?

And like many have said in these posts, FOX will get what they give... that's how the world works. And true, they made themselves look like idiots to the point the president shouldn't have to say a word to address this. If we had done this to George Bush in an interview, how long do you think it would have lasted? What do you think would have happened to one of us had that interview run its entire course? And of course, I can't seem to find that interview posted on their site.

I know I am tossing it all in, but I am a bit frustrated as well.
Comment by Vanessa Bowers-Yates on March 20, 2010 at 7:44am
Absolutely rediculous! NO president has EVER been disrespected to the level that President Obama has. Regardless of politics, this is just plain unconcionable!
Comment by Melinda Plummer on March 19, 2010 at 12:12am
First I want to say thank you so much LaShanda for posting this because I haven't heard about this one. I don't watch Fox either and I've heard most black people say this as well on facebook when the elections were taking place.

I've read everyone else's comments and everyone else has pretty much said everything that I was thinking so all I have to say right now is WOW!!!!!!!! Truly amazing that these racist white folks are trying to use every tactic that they possibly can to attack President Obama, bring him down, and make him look foolish. I actually recall having a job interview in a predominantly white area where I live that was similar (not quite as disturbingly rude) but the interruptions were bad enough during the job interview. The fact of the matter for my interview was this: I believe they assumed that I was caucasian at the onset because of my name (Melinda) and I could tell by the way the interviewer looked at me when I walked into the office that she was shocked that I was black. This interview lasted about 7 minutes. The shortest interview ever.

Back to the Obama interview.......we've come a long way since Dr. King and Rosa Parks but there are still battles to fight and mindsets and superiority complexes to overcome. When a race of people have held a status of power (by force, manipulation, deception, and thievery I might add) for centuries and have been born and bred to believe that it is their born right to dominate and control everything as a people, it takes specific strategies (which white folks have used against us during slavery for centuries to keep us down and we still struggle with, like divide and conquer) to gain control of these type of situations. We're too quiet and nonchalant. This is why they can continue to do what they do. We've finally overcome getting more blacks to get out and vote and realize that our voice is important and we can be heard, now we have to overcome slothfulness and turning a deaf ear to the problems and issues in not only our community but with the racist mindsets in our country. Rev. Jesse Jackson and others cannot do it alone and at some point very soon a group of young men and women will need to pick up the slack, take the torch and run with it.

There are still many issues to deal with in our community and with racism in our country but black folks we can do it! We've come this far by faith and the blood and sweat of our ancestors. We have the power to overcome what lies before us. We need to use the talents and abilities God has given us, become unified as a race (I see a lot of this already taking place with websites like this), and strategize!!!! If dumb white slave masters from the back hills of South Carolina could strategize to keep us enslaved for centuries, then surely we can strategize to counteract what racist white folks are doing to belittle us and our President. Dr. Martin Luther King used a successful boycott strategy to change the laws in Alabama. Strategy is the key!!
Comment by Prophetess LaTarsha Forbes on March 18, 2010 at 6:27pm
That is bad! He was obviously trying to prove something, "like shaming the President". Or "Calling him out". He was just disrepectful, that apology at the end was meaniless. He prepared himself to be a donkey with the President, and "I wonder why"?
Comment by Monique Edwards on March 18, 2010 at 5:16pm
There are some white people that will never respect black people. It doesn't matter how many accolades or degrees you earn or how much of an upstanding citizen you become, you still are " the N-word".

Chris Rock said it the best, there are some white folks that see educated blacks as people who "speak well" and carry themselves "well", but don't presume us to be their equal. It is so disheartening that all of the sudden it's okay to challenge the president, since the president is black. They should have been challenging Bush while he was president, then maybe things would not be where they are now.

Birds of a feather flock together. This is what this is all about. They did not question Bush because he looked like them and believed in the position as being a white mans privilege. Now that Barack is president, it seems to be okay to scream in the halls of Congress that he is a liar, and to disrespect him on television during interviews.

I say, let's send in emails to Fox and let them know we didn't appreciate it and even though I don't watch Fox either, I would take the time to send them a note to say... I saw that and who do YOU think you are? Don't change the rules mid stream now and decide it's time to downgrade the importance of the role of the president and not give him the respect that the position holds.
Comment by Adelaide Zindler on March 18, 2010 at 4:40pm
Thanks for bringing this to light LaShanda,

We are in over our heads on so many levels. I had a conversation with a surgeon friend who admitted to me in private over 10 years ago that his colleagues and other doctors brought HMO's to the U.S. They had no idea that they had it so good until they turned over their freedom to smooth talkers who made empty promises. What that tells me is that we are also in a position of privilege as business owners, and unless we wake up to our authority and our responsibility as a free people we'll soon be treated like second class citizens on a Super Nanny TV show or even worse the same way our President was in this interview.

Believe well!

Adelaide Zindler
Coming soon!
Comment by Bourne2Shine on March 18, 2010 at 4:14pm
It is more than dishearten to see how these people are allowed to be so openly DISRESPECTFUL to our nation's president. They let Bush bring us into 2 wars, and take our Economy into Ruins and they never, NEVER CHALLENGED him in such a contentious and abrasive way, why? because he was still Commander in Chief? NO Because he was a white Commander in Chief...But I point the finger at Us! We don't protect our own, maybe if he was "black enough" Jessie & AL would be somewhere holding a press conference.....oh, I forgot they don't even do that anymore. I knew there would be backlash, but I also thought we, as black people would protect our own while in the highest position in this land. Instead we protect our crumbs and silently complain. Enough is Enough!!! I am truly disgusted with this Country's treatment of people with Brown or Black skin.
Comment by Dei on March 18, 2010 at 4:13pm
That is a stinking-rotten disgrace!!! No RESPECT for a BLACK MAN let alone the President of The United States of America. What do you do? Thank GOD our President held his cool. I really think they are trying to push his buttons to make him punch the paste of someones face. Fortunately, President Obama has GODs annointing on him and equipped him with the armor and shield as a protector as he walks through the fiery furnace.

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