Ever wonder how to incorporate your personal values into the way you work?

It's important to incorporate your personal values in the work you do. People connect to and respond with people and people leave bad managers not bad organizations or companies. With so many businesses lacking ethics and leaders facing worldwide criticims from poor leadership and management, leaders of organizations should incorporate their personal values into the work they do, especially entreprenuers! In doing so you set the standard for excellence within your company.

The following exercise is help you decide what you value most.

1. Go through the list below and write down the top 10 things you value most.

Achievement                               Friendships                               Physical challenge

Advancement and promotion         Growth                                     Pleasure

Adventure                                   Having a family                          Power and authority

Affection (love and caring)            Helping other people                   Privacy

Arts                                            Helping society                          Public service

Challenging problems                   Honesty                                   Purity

Change and variety                      Independence                           Quality of what I take part in

Close relationships                       Influencing others                     Quality relationships

Community                                  Inner harmony                Recognition (respect from others, status) Competence                                Integrity                                  Religion

Competition                                  Intellectual status                    Reputation

Cooperation                                 Involvement                         Responsibility and accountability Country                                        Job tranqulity                        Security

Creativity                                    Knowledge                             Self-respect

Decisiveness                               Leadership                                Serenity

Democracy                                  Location                               Sophistication

Ecological awareness                   Loyalty Stability                  Economic security

Market position                             Status                                  Effectiveness

Meaningful work                             Supervising others                  Efficiency

Merit                                            Time freedom                      Ethical practice

Money                                          Truth                                  Excellence

Nature                                        Wealth                                 Wisdom                                                                  Excitement being around people who are open and honest         Fame

Order (tranqulity, stability, conformity)                              Work under pressure

Fast living                             Personal development           Work with others

Financial gain                               Freedom                              Working alone

2. Once you've captured that list write down how you display those values in your personal life.

3. Next I want you write down how you can display those values in your professional life.

4. Then I want you to look at that again and circle your top 5 values.

Those are what you are going to be known for showing and displaying at all times at work. Make sure you write them down and keep a company at your desk, in your wallet and make a post it note for your car.

Remember to look at them daily and ask yourself: How can I show this in my work today?

You can also complete the same activity for your business and once you've identified your top five values, create a values statement for how your company can display these values daily.

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