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Dorothy Anderson Presents IkanUkan Paths to Prosperity

7 Revelations In One That Open The Gates To Abundant Blessings

God’s Gifts, Divine Mind, Spiritualspaces, The Generation, Spiritual job Thought of Knowledge Walk in the Blessings everyday and succeed in life.
A working spirit makes more money. Work your gifts, talents & personality.

Healthcare Business Managers
Call To Action; Be a united force in re-integrating the sacred spiritual into healthcare as well as re-building healthcare businesses.

Coming Soon Kronicle Scrolls; TheSecrets

Powergeneses II The Acts of the Universe
The greatest conquest of all is to be the Conductor of the acts of the universe. Suddenly the power of God came. Suddenly I knew that every word of God was true. It was like living water burning on my hands and feet. There came a whirlwind of pounding rains. Listen to the rain, the thunder and lightning. It was the sound of a 1000 drum songs.
I took in a deep breath and braced myself. Slowly in a slight circular manner I moved my right arm from my right side and around forward and up. Look high to the heavens. inhale the life of the million inhabitants. Feast on the power of the million year old forces.
Copyright 2005 by Dorothy Anderson All rights reserved
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by Dorothy Anderson Copyright (c) 2006
The orchestra of the drums was reaching a crescendo and a thunderous roar was heard throughout the universe. Knowledge, wisdom, revelation, understanding, might and information held to the massive wave that invaded All. It was tradition. We seemed to have become frozen in time. The sacred sounds, beats, rhythms and tempo were infusing health, wisdom and wealth into an already ignited atmosphere. The boom screamed leaving footprints in the earth. A legacy second to none was being conceived.
Alkebulah stretched her full sculptured frame straining to see the speck at the apex of a hill. Yes, it was very much alive. At times the figure was very still. Then at a heartbeat it soared into flight. There was a lateral extension of the gliders. It was breath taking the way this sculpture danced
© 2005 by Dorothy Anderson

Dorothy Anderson: Ikanukan presents the Constellation of the century.

Jason Ellison’s God Seed is an event that must be experienced. Its author walked in the realm of the gifted and put in print a masterpiece of a future world. His wisdom was beyond his years. Join Jason Ellison in a daring expression of love, joy, peace and pain. Get insights on Zimbabwe, Africa. “I Am An African.
Continue the adventure by visiting and exploring poems on Creationism, City Scenes, Self Scapes and other exciting platforms. The jewel is Ellison’s essay, The Inevitable Progression of Fusion.
This thesis is what you think it isn’t and it’s not what you think it is. Put on your seatbelts. Assess your cyberspace armor and prepare for take off. In this realm E=mc2 is redefined. Imagine yourself with the right stuff. .Your total spirit and being is an empowered energized constellation of Art, Music, Dance and a personified packaged extreme Performer. Breathe the vision.

Jason Ellison GOD SEED ISBN 13: 978-0-9822639-2-1
Editor Janet Anderson-Davis Jo Ann Ellison; Copyright//Publisher

Dorothy Anderson; Ikanukan Prospers and The United Nations of the world’s people
Pray for the USA President Obama and his family and Vice-President Biden and his family and leaders, nations, people and families as well as our land, water and environment that God and the Holy Spirit be in them and guide, protect, counsel and teach them in all areas of life.

Financial Reform/Transformation
Employment Economics Business Training Vocation
Financial Reform/Transformation; Our nation’s leaders should extend EUC and EB through June 2012and expand it to include an entrepreneurial component where participants are given a stipend for business/money making seminars and workshops as well as an opportunity to build a successful and prosperous business and start employing others. They also are allowed to network and teach. This way everyone wins.

Prayers and Praises To Haiti/World From Ikanukan
May God’s holy and divine protection, healings, wholeness , restoration , wisdom and prosperity rest heavily and mightily on; the nation’s people, power structure, homes, families and those reaching into the land giving help and hope and love. To those in our prayers and hearts may you forever be in the Kingdom of God and walk in the Love, Peace and Joy of the Lord God.

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