DRESSING FOR SUCCESS: Are you employable or unemployable?

By: Carolyn Powery

Recently I took my 22 year old son for a job interview at a local bank. I decided to wait in my car to read a book, while he interviewed. Instead of reading, I spent my time observing what potential interviewees choice to wear for an interview. To my amaze, I saw mini skits, stilettos, and jeans. I even observed one of the interviewees walking out with their shoes in their hands. Did they not realize, what impression this could leave. How you dress can either make or break your chances of landing your dream job. A first impression is a lasting impression. The clothes do make the man. My son did land the job with the bank, wearing his black suit, white shirt, tie, black shoes, a leather portfolio for his resume, a positive attitude and he did his homework by being prepared.

Men’s Interview Attire
Do prepare yourself for the interview, research the company.                          
Do wear a smile, take a positive attitude and good manners
Do take a handshake
Do have good posture, it shows confidence
Do dress professionally, preferably a navy, black or dark grey suit
Do wear a belt
Do wear a silk tie
Do wear a long sleeve white shirt
Do wear conservative leather shoes and dark socks
Do wear little to no jewelry
Do get a fresh hair cut and facial trim
Do limit loud cologne and aftershave
Do wear manicured nails
Do take a professional leather portfolio or briefcase to carry copies of your resume

"Clothes and manners do not make the man;

  but when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance".  Arthur Ashe


Women’s Interview Attire
Do take a smile, a positive attitude, good posture and good manners
Do wear a professional tailored navy, black or dark grey suit
Do wear a suit skirt at appropriate length with easy to sit down
Do wear an appropriate blouse, without cleavage
Do wear conservative shoes, preferably pumps
Do wear conservative jewelry
Do wear professional hair style
Do wear neutral pantyhose
Do wear light conservative make-up, and light perfume
Do maintained neatly clean nails
Do take a professional leather portfolio or briefcase to carry copies of your resume

Interview Fas Paux
Cell phone/I pod
Coffee (bad breath)
Designer Pantyhose
Vanilla or Colored Paper folder
Mini skirts
Tight /Revealing Clothes
Crazy Hairstyle
Baggie hanging pants
Excessive piercing
Evening wear
Low cut blouse

Image Tip:

Remember, 80% of the first impression an interviewer gets of you is visual and is formed in the first two minutes of meeting you.

Author Resource: Carolyn Mercury Powery is the CEO & President of The Etiquette Touch Institute LLC located in West Palm Beach, Fl. The Etiquette Touch Institute specializes in helping children, university students, adults and young professionals develop and enhance their etiquette skills and knowledge, through classes, workshops and seminars. For more info, please visit:

Carolyn M. Powery, MS, NAUEP, CEI
Certified Protocol and Etiquette Coach and Life Coach
“Refining Your Social Graces And Image”

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