I would like to thank you for the Starters Kit I won in your contest. I have went through every piece of material you pass down to include videos. This was a lot of help to me and it highlighted my thought process in understanding low cost budgeting when advertising and marketing. After retiring from the military in 2007 I was completely lost to the marketing and advertising strategy in Corporate America and how to include it in my own personal life. The military way of marketing and advertising was simple. But the civilian way of doing things was a little more complex and frustrating. Especially when the product you are selling is unique. I am a Christian Author (Writers of Christian Faith) of eBooks on PDF and kindle download and trust me your lessons have taught me alot. I have purchased a few of your products in the past which geared me in the right direction however, I have learned even more with the material you pass down. Because of you I made my first You Tube video. I should be finish some time this week. You have a different style in the way you produce your material. The one thing I love the most is you ask for feedback. You want to make sure the listener understand and grasp the concept. I graduated with my masters in Management in 2009 and I must admit I learned more from you then I did in school. School deals with textbooks and stats on paper, on the other hand you deal with life experiences and being able to figure out what consumers want and how to present it to them in various ways because you are dealing with various people. This can be hard because you have to present the same product but to different people which posses different personalities. I am still going through a process of learning and I will check back from time to time to tell my accomplishments under your teachings. God Bless you and once again thank you!

p.s. Once my contract is up with my host I will be using you to design my next site. I love your design and style. Getting ready to make changes to my site now to change and add a few things. Writers of Christian Faith is a new facebook started. I pray membership grows.


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Comment by LaShanda Henry on September 13, 2010 at 12:40pm
I value what you have said here Deanetta.

While its always nice to hear that my work is useful, I am most grateful that it is being used. Beyond simply taking the material, I commend you for taking the time to read, learn, and implement. Believe me when I say, actually doing the work is a skill very few have mastered.

Again, I respect that you've committed yourself to turning your vision into a reality AND I'm honored to in some way be apart of your process.

Keep me in the loop as you make progress.

To Your Success!

LaShanda Henry
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