How To Solve Your Biggest Visibility Problems with This Social Media Editorial Calendar

Social Media Marketing can do wonders for your business. But, can we be real? It's A LOT and I mean A LOT of work.

But, there is finally one majorly super awesome way to change all that forever.

Well, you can with CoSchedule | The Social Media Editorial Calendar for Wordpress.

It's the web's best kept secret among solo-webpreneurs when it comes to mastering social media and driving traffic to your site. And, I want to blow the lid off because it will change your life.


But don't take my word for it. Here's some details from their site:coschedule

CoSchedule is a drag-and-drop editorial calendar for WordPress that puts your blog posts and social media messages on the same schedule.

Now, WordPress users can save time and grow traffic by scheduling blog posts and social media together on a unified drag-and-drop calendar. It's the content marketing calendar that WordPress is missing.

The best thing about CoSchedule is that as you drag a post from one date to another, your social media messages move with it. This allows bloggers to create a series of messages that promote their blog posts on a rolling schedule.

CoSchedule is only $10/month and integrates with WordPress, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Buffer, and even Google+ Pages.


  • Drag-And-Drop Editorial Calendar
  • Schedule Social Media While You Blog
  • Save Time, Grow Traffic
  • Lightweight WordPress Plugin
  • Automated Social Publishing
  • Simple Team Communication
  • All-In-One Publishing Solution
  • No More WordPress Hacking

How it Works

You can create social media content to post alongside your blog posts in just two steps!

Step #1: Create & Schedule Your Blog PostCoSchedule-WordPressEditPost

Step #2: Create Relevant Social Media Posts Right Inside of Wordpress!

All you have to do is scroll down to add your promo posts. You can post to all of the major social networks (i.e. Facebook, Linked-In, Twitter, G+, etc...). What I really love is that you can post to Facebook and Linked-In groups, you know -the ones you joined and forgot about? No more jumping over to social media dashboards like Hootsuite to schedule your posts. Sweet, right?


That's it!

CoSchedule also makes it really simple to manage and edit all of your posts right inside of  your Wordpress dashboard too.



My Walk Through the Field of Flowers

 Last year, I had an opportunity to beta test CoSchedule and 

fell in love with it. In fact, I was able to pre-schedule a year's worth of social media content.

Visibility was not an issue.

I got more clients by doing this, than I ever could have without it.

People were all like, "I see you everywhere." And I was all like, "Yeah, well you know...If you're not marketing your business is dying...wink and smile."

CoSchedule is a editorial calendar plugin for WordPress which is a thousand times better than the Free one I used before.


How This Plugin Will Change Your Life

Sync Social Media Posts to Publish alongside your blog posts

Create and pre-schedule social media posts to publish when your post does. Now, there are other tools that have allowed you to auto post your newly published blog post into your social network stream. But, usually all you got was a generic introduction and a link.

Snooze...Boring! Nobody is going to find that interesting enough to click.

CoSchedule allows you to create compelling posts and you can even attach pictures just as you would right on say Facebook.


Promote your blog posts beyond their publishing date

The other limitation of these blog hacks is that once your blog posts publish, the social media post would post at the same time. But, that's it. So, only the peeps that were online at that time had an opportunity to see and click through to read your million dollar ideas.  

But, CoSchedule allows you to create unlimited number of posts to promote your blog article as many times and as far in advance as you like. Which means, you increase the chance of your post getting seen by the people who need to see it.

(You could even get all your Christmas promotion deals done in advance...what?)

I hire interns to create & schedule posts for older articles to ensure I constantly have a presence in my various social networks & groups.

Spend more time building relationships

Yes, this does require you to be disciplined enough to sit down and pre-shedule your posts in advance. But, when you do, you can spend time communicating in real time with potential customers and strategic partners. Because, at the end of the day, it's always more valuable when people feel like you aren't always trying to get them to read or buy your stuff.

At least now, you don't have to get all scrambled and burned out trying to figure out what to post and how to engage with your network.


If you are struggling to keep up with your social media presence and also need to get traffic to your blog, this plugin is a MUST HAVE.

 Don't Wait! Click Here to Go Give This Plugin a Test Drive Today!

Let me know what you think about it.

Content Marketing Editorial Calendar For WordPress

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