Ok everybody, I have been discussing this issue with many of my friends and family. Most feel that since Obama's in office that some how we as a people will be living better off. I don't agree with that. I really believe Obama ran for Presidency to help this Country and all who live in it, not just Black people. Yes it means more to us as a people and I'm sure to him but we still shouldn't be nieve as to his intentions. He needs us to be seen in a different light. Who but us as a people can shed that light? Exactly. What I do believe though, is that since he IS in office, it's up to our problematic black men to straighten up their act and not embarrass us or the President. There can no longer be the excuse that the "white man" is holding you back from ANYTHING. Seriously. You owe it to Obama who has fought long and hard to get where he is to do what we were destined as a people to do, take care of our RESPONSIBILITIES. That means take care of your kids by instilling morals and values in their lives , loving and honoring your Wives or baby momma's and securing an education so that you can create jobs and or keep yours. There is no excuse. He has done what has ALWAYS been said to have been impossible. Now that he is here, please for GOD"S sake don't make him look bad. If you've never had a positive role model in your life, you have one now. He was raised by JUST his Mom and then his Grandparents. Look at his Wife Michelle. That Woman has been by his side for the past 16 years, continuously supporting him and raising their 2 children. I'll bet you have a "Michelle" right next to you as well, but do you treat her as if she is your rock like Obama does his wife? Do you let her know that she is loved? Do you appreciate anything she has ever done for you like putting and keeping a roof over your head whether it be in the PROJECTS, AN APARTMENT ON SEC.8, OR A HOME IN THE SUBURBS? How have you shown her that you need her? Has she blessed you with God's greatest gift, children? How do your Son's and Daughter's view you as a Dad? Do they see you punching their Mom or hugging her? Are they hearing you call her out of her name or do they hear nothing but beautiful names like "My Queen, Baby, Sweetheart, Honey, Babygirl, Boo"? Are your children looking you in the eyes with LOVE or FEAR? Do they reach for a hug or duck, anticipating a slap or punch? Do you recieve smiles when they glance at you or are they always looking down avoiding eye contact with you? Does your Wife/Baby Mother cook your meals with Love or Fear? These are the questions you must ask yourself. I could get on some Sista's as well but much too often we are the victims of battered wife syndrome. We have learned to accept the beatings that we have seen our Mother's go thru just to allow it in our own adult lives because it was all we knew. So you see, Brotha's it is you that have to lay that ground of love and stability in the lives of your Daughters, especially your Son's. Don't let them grow up believing that they can be an abuser or an abusee. For those of you with Daughter's , imagine if your baby girl came home with a blackeye. WHAT WOULD YOU DO AND OR SAY TO YOUR BABY GIRL? Uh Huh....see what I'm saying? I wished to God that Martin Luther King was here to have witnessed this. Rosa Parks, Betty Shabazz and many more. Did you see those tears that rolled down Jesse Jackson's face? Do you understand what that man has witnessed and has been fighting for all these years? Did you see Oprah and all the other supporters crying as well? Do you understand how tired those who fought for this were, but never gave up? The slaves long gone must be singing and banging the hell out of those drums! Brotha's, shape the hell up! I have a wonderful Husband that came from a not-so-great background, had no positive role models, was abused, abandoned and shipped around from foster home to foster home and you know what? HE HIS THE ABSOLUTE BEST FATHER ,STEP-FATHER, HUSBAND , LOVER, BEST FRIEND AND PROVIDER ON THE PLANET EARTH! He didn't use not 1 excuse! I'm so happy that our children see him as their hero and not their tormentor. Lets start this CHANGE and let AMERICA see who we really are. Don't use Oprah, Obama, Denzel, Will and any other black celeb as your representative. They have worked hard as hell to make thier own mark on society. Be your own person and set your own standards. Leave your own positive mark. I shouldn't even have to be submitting this because I know black men are the bomb, but because some haven't gotten it yet, I'm still holding out hope! Sista's , please pass this on to your Brother's, Father's, Uncle's, Son's, Husband's, Male Cousin's, Male Friend's. Think of ALL who have suffered and lost their dignity, rights and their lives for this moment. From the slave ships to the White House, the cotton fields to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue this has been a long, unpaved ,bloody ,gut-wrenching, painful, sorrowful journey. BUT........we've made it ! We made it! Get it together, WE owe it to Barack and Michelle. YVE

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Comment by Valarie Harris on July 16, 2009 at 12:50pm
I couldn't agree more. I believe Obama winning the presidency eliminated all excuses. We decide who we are going to be, but you have to put in the work. Nothing worth having is easy. If it was then everyone would have it. It takes character to accept responsibility and advance forward even in the face of adversity. We have to step up to the plate..the excuses have been eliminated.

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