There Is Something About That Clear Blue Water

There is something about that clear blue water that brings me peace. The island’s beauty never seems to cease. Even when the storms come and go; the calmness of the water, its appearance is never altered.

Just stop, close your eyes and listen to the waves hit the shore. The sound which I have come to adore. While listening, my imagination floats me to another place in time. It doesn’t matter where I go, because I know when I return that clear blue water will still be there.

Let’s not forget the feeling of the white sand under my feet. Now, that is a feeling I cannot beat. It looks like the granules in an hour glass. And although I am not focusing on the time that will pass, that feeling is one that will last.

The hardest part is the end of the trip. My mind is constantly thinking, when I can come back. Why do I keep going back one may ask. Because there is something about that clear blue water that brings me peace.

Do you have a place you like to go that brings you peace? Visit the comment section and share.

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