Are you aware your pad could make you sick?
A company brought this technology & knowledge to the US eight weeks ago. We are excited to share this information to give you a healthier choice.

Ordinary Pads

If we use the ordinary sanitary napkins, we are more vulnerable to various bacteria and may incur heavy expenses for treatments of various genital diseases of varying degrees of seriousness. As such, viewed from the perspectives of health and price, ‘Love Moon’ sanitary napkins are worth the money spent. At the time of the month when women need the best care, the use of ‘Love Moon” can keep us away from female genital diseases and give us a healthy and happy family.

Love Moon Healthy Pads

After the product demonstration, use questions to present the price comparison:
(1) As far as you know, what are the prices of other brands of sanitary napkin sold in the market?
(2) You have seen for yourself the quality of ‘Love Moon’ Anionic Sanitary Napkin. In addition, our product has two technological advancements and we are applying for their patents in 169 countries worldwide. We are also giving a Vaginitis Self Test Card costing RM12. What do you think is a reasonable price you would pay?
(3) Tell the consumers that the price on first purchase is RM19 for 10 pieces (for day use) and for every subsequent purchase, a 30% discount is given.

Studies Proving the Effectiveness of Negative Ions
• Help prevent respiratory-related illnesses
• Counteract the effects of smoking
• Anti-depressant
• Help sleep better

Healing properties of Negative Ions
An Anion tape is embedded in each sanitary pad, the Anion tape may help:
o Eradicate odor
o Reduce stress
o Strengthen immunity
o Enhance metabolism
o Remove fatigue
o Enhance hormonal balance

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