Di Jones's Videos (17)

  • Time to Forgive #16

    Time to Forgive #16

    To be able to forgive we must first look within our own hearts. The feelings we hold on to are our… Di Jones Jun 3, 2013 21 views

  • Marriage #15

    Marriage #15

    Love between two people; commitment between two people; two people becoming one...How do you know I… Tags: God, legal Di Jones Mar 16, 2013 22 views

  • Shield of Faith

    Shield of Faith

    Put on your shield of faith... It's about that time for us to praise the Lord....All the children t… Tags: addiction, Save Di Jones Jan 13, 2013 24 views

  • Reflections #14

    Reflections #14

    it is time for us to look in the mirror...reflect on who you are; for none of us are perfect so we… Di Jones Jan 8, 2013 5 views

  • Beginning of the End #13

    Beginning of the End #13

    Sometimess a person can be hurt over and over again, and yet it is often one minor thing that will… Tags: gift, God's Di Jones Jan 1, 2013 14 views

  • Betrayed #12

    Betrayed #12

    Is it wrong to believe in a person Is it wrong to think the best of the person Is it wrong to love… Di Jones Dec 29, 2012 13 views

  • Crash #11

    Crash #11

    When someone takes away all you believe in..... When someone takes away your spirit... YOU CRASH! Tags: bullying, childhood Di Jones Dec 23, 2012 24 views

  • Healing #10

    Healing #10

    It is time to heal from the hurt you hold inside due to someone else. Let it go so you can move for… Tags: esteem, self Di Jones Dec 15, 2012 23 views

  • Depression #9

    Depression #9

    If you have ever felt depression or known someone who has, you may know the full impact of what it… Tags: esteem, self Di Jones Dec 15, 2012 18 views

  • Desperate #8

    Desperate #8

    Have you ever felt so desperate you did things you might not ever have done otherwise? Have you eve… Tags: esteem, self Di Jones Dec 15, 2012 22 views

  • Addictions #7

    Addictions #7

    Addiction is such an ugly, misunderstood word ... a word of disgrace. Every one has some type of ad… Tags: esteem, self Di Jones Dec 15, 2012 17 views

  • Hurt #6

    Hurt #6

    Everyone has experienced hurt and pain. When that pain is caused by someone you love, does that mak… Tags: esteem, self Di Jones Dec 15, 2012 18 views

  • my fairytale #2

    my fairytale #2

    My fairytale # 2 is part 2 of my story. The story of my experiences in hopes of helping others in p… Tags: esteem, self Di Jones Nov 8, 2012 23 views

  • My Life #1

    My Life #1

    The first video of my video diary series about my life. This video is made in hopes of helping some… Tags: esteem, self Di Jones Nov 8, 2012 16 views

  • Mind Games #5

    Mind Games #5

    What is Truth? Your mind can play tricks on you depending on the information it has been fed. You c… Tags: esteem, self Di Jones Nov 8, 2012 19 views

  • Words #4

    Words #4

    When someone expresses themselves through hateful words....those words can hurt a person more than… Di Jones Nov 4, 2012 4 views

  • Broken #3

    Broken #3

    Continuing the story of my life....Broken #3. In hopes of helping others that have felt or are goin… Di Jones Oct 27, 2012 13 views

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